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A Comparison of The Red Room and The Signalman

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A Comparison of The Red Room and The Signalman I prefer 'The Signalman' story because I like stories with a mysterious ending to them or any mystery in the story itself. Just like in the beginning of 'The Signalman', the signalman thinks the narrator is a ghost and the narrator thinks that the signalman is a ghost too. It is like you don't know who to trust anymore and what is right or wrong. Not like in 'The Red Room' when the three old people stayed together when the hero went out of the room, looking at him at an eerie way. At that time I know that what the hero did was wrong and something bad is going to happen to him. I mostly like it when I do not know anything or what will happen and especially keeps me in suspense. In 'The Signalman', the story of the haunting of the "appearance" makes the signalman feel very responsible of the two deaths which occurs after seeing the ghost and listening to its warnings. The first death that happens is when the signalman sees the "appearance" and listens to his warning. The dead and injured were brought over the spot were it stood on. ...read more.


There is an old lady and two very old men. The old lady has "pale eyes", which keeps staring in the fire; she also rocked her head from "side to side". The first old man has a withered arm, wrinkled and has "red eyes". The other old man has a stick, "shambling steps". He is even more bent, more wrinkled and more "aged" than the first one. His lips is drooping, he had "decaying yellow teeth". He has a "queer unnatural tilting" and "rocking" face. For the setting in 'The Signalman', it is in a railway cutting with a "gloomy, depressing" tunnel. There are steep sides with a zigzag path on it. Here everything just seems normal but you can feel that there is something suspicious about the place. It sounds as if it is lonely, eerie and especially melancholy. The story does not start like a traditional story or even end like one, which is extremely different from the story of 'The Red Room'. 'The Red Room' is in "Loraine Castle" which is dark and isolated. The spiral staircases, large windows, long corridors, door covered in baize and statues makes the place more dangerous and no one can help if someone is in trouble. Spiral staircases shows that they would not know what is coming round the corner. ...read more.


Tension is builds up when he says "he would walk for an hour, half an hour doing down, the other back" then he will go to his "signalman's box". That made it more personal. All kinds of questions are asked in my head, so I wanted answers very quickly therefore it drove me to read on and that's what I like in terms of tension. In 'The Red Room' when he is talking to himself, asking questions to "someone". He asks a question with a "queer" voice. The warnings the old man says, "it's your own choosing" and "you have never seen the likes of this house". "There's many things to see" which makes it's eerie. Repetition of the phrase "it's your own choosing" increases the tension and also it is a warning to the hero himself and what he is doing is dangerous and is a matter of life and death. This is a very good technique that I like. Saying phrases in different ways, for example; "fashion born in dead brains"-which means that it is old fashion and dark, and "worried gave me a sudden twinge"-which means as if a electrical tweezers shocked him. These phrases are very great and have a different way of saying things. Overall I prefer 'The Signalman' even though some of the techniques that H.G. Wells uses ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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