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A Comparison of Two Advertisements

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English GCSE Coursework- Media Assignment: A Comparison of Two Advertisements by Riaz Karim The term 'media' describes a way in which commercial organisations promote their products or corporation to the world in various manners, which are designed specifically at the target audience. Advertising is, generally, a way of getting a point across. This point may be of commercial or personal matter. Propaganda and advertising generally sport a biased, one- way argument that may, in the negative, critical point of view, be manipulative and/or deceptive. On the other hand, advertising can educate, and inform, not just be used to sell an ideal. Advertisements affect the way in which the world works. From an un- biased view, advertisements are everywhere- on the television, on the radio, upon billboards- the list is endless. My chosen advertisements are from a ladies gossip magazine which centres on celebrity relationship and celebrity issues. The magazine is of an informal nature. The readership of "New!" I believe, is the Blue Collar working class section of society. In the magazine, the features and advertisements are suited to the audience, which are predominately women, aged 20 -30. As the advertisements are both from the same magazine, they would be stereotyped in being aimed at the same audience as the magazine. ...read more.


A caption of "crowned the Peoples favourite" is located within an empty space next to the model, and is all that is really needed to express the point without losing focus. Technical language is not used to a great extent, but when it is used, it is used to good effect; an example of this would be when the advertisement uses words such as "Dandruff" along with other, simpler terms such as "soft and smooth" which may attract the customer. The advertisement is centred on it being voted "Product of the Year" by an independent survey company "Product of the Year.com" The survey was of 10, 049 people; plus the fact that the survey was independent makes it more reliable. This device is frequently used in beauty advertising to impress the reader. There is use of repetition to convey the point that the "Head & Shoulders" conditioner was voted product of the year. This was used to drill into the readers' head that the conditioner is so good that is had won an award. Small- print is used, not to mislead, but to explain the award won and as a footnote to comply with the strict advertising legalities. ...read more.


Go easy on your hair." Slogan not literally but in meaning, as both are about taking care of your hair, while letting go in terms of colour. This amplifies the animalistic effect of the advertisement. The language is quintessential informal. Each advert is significantly effective, as it achieves its respective effect; but each advert achieves in many different ways, many of which I have illustrated. Both have put across a positive image of the product they aspire to sell by using slogans such as "Go wild on your colour. Go easy on your hair." And "Crowned the Peoples Favourite." Generally, if the advertisement put across a negative view of the product, it would be considered unsuccessful. As they are both successful, they manage to persuade the reader to buy the products by using repetition, and reader- defined language e.g. Informal; bold type. The "Herbal Essences" advertisement uses just the right amount of information by using a variety of sentence structures and vocabulary such as "dazzling" plus "stunning." In comparison, my "Herbal Essences" advertisement uses a little too much text to convey a relatively small amount of information to the target audience, but as women, the general readership of the magazine tend to read more detail than men, this may add to the success of the advert. ?? ?? ?? ?? Riaz Karim GCSE coursework ...read more.

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