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A comparison of two adverts- Skoda Fabia and Citroen C4

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Advertising Essay In the competitive markets of today's society advertisers spend millions of pounds of advertising and making sure that their product is known. They know that it is of critical importance to sell their products and they use the entire advert to convey the message that they are trying to send to the general public. TV adverts in particular are a big focus for advertisers purely because of the amount and range of people who watch TV. The two adverts that I am going to compare are both for products in vast and hugely competitive markets: the car market. However there is much contrast in the style and the methods that the advertisers use to sell their products. This is due to the fact that they are both aimed at completely different sectors of the market for cars. The two adverts I am going to compare in this essay are: The techno in-your-face advert for the Citron C4 and the delicate and fantastical advert for the Skoda Fabia. Both these adverts are some of the best of their kind, having won several awards for advertising between them. The two adverts, as I have already mentioned, have vastly different target market and generally this is the reason for the differences in the two adverts. The Skoda Fabia is aimed at women 25+ and the Citron C4 advert is aimed at men aged (30-40). The Skoda Fabia advert is a very happy and relaxing advert and aims to make the watcher feel good about life and make them feel completely carefree. ...read more.


It also uses an icy grey/blue in the frozen lake to show cold. This, as mentioned before, is there to show how strong and durable the car is. This is a big point of the advert and uses many mediums to show it. Both advert use similar colours, however they have very different uses for the colours and they are used to show to different things. There are many people involved in the Skoda advert, all busy at work on the detailed components of the car/cake. They are all working together very well and there are strong messages of teamwork coming across. This sends off positive, happy vibes and shows that a caring, friendly environment is used to create the Skoda range of cars. There are many clips of people passing the cake 'bricks' along a line to reach the car. This is quite a classical image of teamwork. Also, at the end of the advert the people all gather around looking happy and proud. This is to show that the makers of Skoda cars are proud of the quality of their products. The people in the Citron C4 ad appear to be scientists who are observing the car via binoculars. This aims to show how unique and amazing the car is, but it also portrays it as unknown and possibly dangerous because it is only safe to observe from a distance. The people are all wearing thick coats, again to show how harsh the environment is. ...read more.


The Citron C4 uses the slogan 'alive with technology'. The 'alive' part is shown by how the robot seems intelligent and alive, it is moving around powerfully by itself. It is very much alive and kicking. The technology is represented by the robot and the innovative things it can do. The things that the two car makers are trying to sell are the same thing: the features of the car and the slogans, in a way are quite similar. However they are presented it very different ways to a different target market. I think the Citron C4 advert is the best because of the clever use of the robot to represent technology, I think it is very effective. It manages to advertise many key features very well in a short space of time- it is around 20 seconds shorter than the Skoda advert. However saying that I might well be biased, being closer to the Target market of the Citron over the Fabia. Overall there are a range of key similarities and differences between the two adverts, all caused by the differing target audiences. For example there is the technological complexity of the use of camera angles in the Citron ad and the more simplistic Skoda using fewer camera angles. There is also the contrasting warmth of the bakery(Fabia) and iciness of the frozen lake(C4). Or the use of the colour white, in both adverts, however they have differing meanings in each. The reason for the amount of difference is the difference in the target market, as this is who the advert has been designed for. ...read more.

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