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A Comparison of two Gothic Horror Films, Sleepy Hollow and The Lost Boys.

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A Comparison of two Gothic Horror Films, Sleepy Hollow and The Lost Boys Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton) and The Lost Boys (Joel Schumacher) are fairly recent films, they both use specific camera shots to portray different characters, however, The Lost Boys, recorded in 1987 has fewer special effects than Sleepy Hollow, for at the time of the making of The Lost Boys, fewer facilities were available, compared to when Sleepy Hollow was filmed in 1999. Lost Boys is in some ways a tragedy, about a group of Vampires who had been taken over by the villain, (as the title "Lost Boys" suggests) who we are led to believe is David, the leader of the group of Vampires, but is in fact Max, who I will discuss later on. They are forced to feed upon victims in order to survive. The main victim, Michael, who I will also discuss, has been possessed by the vampires, and will have to feed on people to live, however, the heroes, the Frog brothers, and to some extent Michaels younger brother Sam, for he stuck by his brother throughout his ordeal, are familiar with the vampires, and eventually kill the leader, Max, therefore ending all the vampires' evilness. ...read more.


the rhythm is undetermined, so the audience is always unsure of what is going to happen next The music gets louder and the thunder bellows overhead. Subconsciously we are absorbing this setting, and this builds up suspense and tension within the audience. The Headless Horseman arrives, and the texture of the music gets thicker and the amplitude is increased, making us conscious and aware that something is about to happen. The sound of the Horseman's sword tells us that the horseman driving the carriage that Dr Dirk Van Garret is riding in, is about to be decapitated, we don't see this, as we don't see gore in the Lost Boys; this allows out imagination to experiment. Dirk jumps out of the carriage and runs through the fields of corn, bestowing the idea of claustrophobia upon us, with the difficulty in orientation in the corn; this is similar to the carnival in The Lost Boys, as it acts as a background that implies busyness and congestion. The introductions are the same to the extent that they provide us with a good background knowledge, and introduction to the characters, and setting, however, Sleepy Hollow is different because it is a traditional gothic horror, it introduces ideas of witchcraft and blood early on in the film, whereas Lost Boys only informs us of this when Michael is "initiated" into the gang of Vampires. ...read more.


Alike the beginning, the Sleepy Hollow ending contains a twist alike in the Lost Boys; it is a twist that we now discover that Lady Van Garret is the possessor of the Headless Horseman, in a way, like Max possessing the "Lost Boys." And Lady Van Garret's last victim is Katrina Anne Van Tassel, as the Horseman approaches her, her love Ichbod, obstructs the Horseman, and finally gives him his skull back; the headless horseman takes revenge on Lady Van Garret, snatching her through the tree and all is ended. In conclusion, after I have looked at the two types of Gothic Horror, Traditional and Contemporary, and have established that the structure of the films Sleepy Hollow and The Lost Boys are much the same, even though they have different directors, were constructed in different times and appeal to different audiences. Being a traditional Gothic Horror film, Sleepy Hollow is darker, scarier and in general, fits the definition of Gothic Horror more than The Lost Boys. However, we need to remember that The Lost Boys is a contemporary Gothic Horror film, and is intended for a younger audience, meaning less gore, and more comedy. I prefer The Lost Boys to Sleepy Hollow. For it contains comedy, and is applicable to my age group. Mike Phelan ...read more.

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