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A Comparison of Two Murder Mysteries The Speckled Band by Arthur Conan And A Lamb to the Slaughter by Road Dahl.

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A Comparison of Two Murder Mysteries The Speckled Band by Arthur Conan And A Lamb to the Slaughter by Road Dahl The Speckled band is set in the 19th century and A lamb to the slaughter is set in the 20th century. They both have different endings. The Speckled band was written as a series of short stories for a magazine featuring Sherlock Holmes by Conan Doyle and in A lamb to the slaughter it was a one off story by Road Dahl. The only comparisons between the stories are they are both Detective stories. There are three parts in the Speckled band and A lamb to the slaughter, in the beginning of the Speckled band Helen arrives at Baker street to look for Sherlock Holmes to investigate the strange death of her twin sister Julia. She tells him the background of Dr Roylotts and in the beginning of A lamb to the slaughter it describes how Mrs Maloney was waiting for her husband to come home. In the middle of the Speckled band Sherlock Holmes goes to the crime scene at Stoke Moran to investigate the crime and in A lamb to the slaughter Mrs Maloney goes to the grocery to give herself an alibi after she had murdered her husband. ...read more.


The murderer Dr Grimesby Roylott is a greedy and violent person who would do anything for which you would expect from a murderer and Mrs Maloney is a sweet, loving and caring wife who would do anything for her husband whom you would never expect from a murderer. In A lamb to the slaughter the location is in the home of Mr Mrs Maloneys home and the only time it aint set at the home is when Mrs Maloney is going to the grocery. In the home of Mr and Ms Maloney it tells you how comfortable it is sofas and curtains suggesting a relaxed contented house. The Speckled band starts Sherlock Holmes house in Baker street and then the rest of the story is mainly at the at the Roylotts house at Stoke moran which is where the murder scene is at, it describes how big the house is and the way it was structured. The similarities in the two stories of the Speckled band and A lamb to the slaughter are that we know who the killer is in both of the stories. ...read more.


In A lamb to the slaughter they don't treat it as a more serious case and it's more kind of a humour or comedy but in the Speckled band they treat it as a more serious crime and go through a lot of trouble to find the murderer, suspense is also allowed to build up the story for example it says in the story that they don't know how Julia died and there was no mark on her which makes the reader wonder how she died. The language reflects the different times the stories were written because in the Speckled band they use words that they wouldn't use for example dog cart, defray, would fain, aperture etc.... And instead of using central heating they use fire to keep warm which you could tell from all these that it is a more Victorian detective story but in A lamb to the slaughter they have very modern stuff for examples the lamps, thermos bucket for the ice, freezer etc... which is clearly a more modern detective then the Speckled band. ...read more.

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