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A comparison of two productions of Romeo and Juliet.

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A comparison of two productions of Romeo and Juliet. In the opening scene of the Baz Luhrmann film the prologue is shown on a television screen and is read by a news reporter. Whereas in the Franco Zeffirrelli film the prologue is read by a voice over. After the prologue the Luhrmann film shows Sampson and Gregory at a petrol station, whilst they are re-fuelling the car, Abra (Abraham) and Balthazar turned up also to re-fuel, then Sampson and Gregory began to taunt them. Abra told Sampson and Gregory to take out their swords (these were guns but the brand name was sword) Tybalt arrived then a gunfight began. The scene ended with Sampson shooting a petrol pump and the station blowing up as the two cars sped off. ...read more.


Baz Luhrmann created tension very well. He showed Romeo being chased by the Prince's authorities because he had broken the rules of his banishment from Verona by going to visit Juliet's tomb. It shows police cars and helicopters chasing him. Romeo also takes a hostage before he goes into the tomb to make sure he is not shot. Zeffirrelli doesn't do this possibly because Romeo has already killed Tybalt and is not supposed to be a murderer or a villain but soft and gentle. Neither film shows Romeo killing Parise as he enters Juliet's tomb this again is possibly to show Romeo is a hero not a murderer. As Romeo walks into the tomb of Juliet the mood in Luhrmann's film changes very quickly, it changes from loud and brash with gunfights to a very sombre mood, the music is slow and sad, ...read more.


In the Franco Zeffirrelli film it shows Romeo travelling from Mantua, but there is no chasing by authorities. It just shows Romeo going into the tomb, he shows the tomb as having lots of bodies, possibly all Capulets'. First Romeo sees Juliet but then sees Tybalt laid beside her. Zeffirrelli only shows things that happen in Shakespeare's script. He uses no special camera angles, just keeps it simple but it works well and makes it more suitable for older people. Baz Luhrmann changes the script and makes it more suitable for modern teenagers due its big and brash set-up. I personally prefer the Luhrmann film because it has more action and humour than the Zeffirrelli film. You could understand the film more the actors got into their characters more and the special effects were much better. ...read more.

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