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A Comparison of two stories 'of Mice and Mice' And 'The Ostler'.

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A Comparison of two stories 'of Mice and Mice' And 'The Ostler'. I begin by telling a short summary of the 19th century short story the 'Ostler' By Wilkie Collins. The story begins by the narrator observing a troubled old Ostler talking in his sleep worriedly. Then story then goes on to where the troubled ostlers employer tells the tale of the young ostlers life. This young Ostler was called Isaac Scatchard he was always looking for work but his friends and neighbours used to call him ill luck Isaac< His ill luck was proverbial among his neighbours>. They called him this because he could never get a job and he would never be lucky with women in fact he was celibate all his life. Due to him being celibate the only relative he had was his mother. One day Isaac decides he needs a job so on his birthday he went in search of a job. He searched the countryside for a job until he had no luck. It was getting late so Isaac wanted somewhere to stay for the night. He spied an inn. During that night at the inn Isaac was attacked at 2o'clock in the morning. He was attacked by the women of his dream.The women was threatening to kill him. In desperation Isaac let out a huge yell. The landlord hurried in and asked him "What had gone on"? Isaac told him the full story. ...read more.


George has a fantasy or dream of owning his own land and having a few animals and an alfalfa patch. George also wants to get some rabbits so that Lennie's dream can come true of petting soft things. <When we get a coupla acres I can let you tend to the rabbits alright> Lennie and George don't know there own destiny so they have to rely on slave work on a ranch. George knew in his own mind that it was going to be difficult if not impossoble to get his dream but he had to try for Lennie's sake. Curley has a dream bout being a professional boxer and earning lots of money. <Curly's pretty handy. He done quite a bit in the ring. He's a lightweight and he's handy> But he didn't make it so he got stuck working on a ranch for his dad for very little money. Curley's wife didn't really have a dream as such but she had some thoughts about what she could have been when she was younger she said she could had made it in the movies because of her gorgeous body or even she could had made it in the circus. Her old boyfriend was to write to her to tell her when she could go to Las Vegas or other big cities needed film stars or a circus act. But she was disappointed and the job had gone because her boyfriend never wrote back so she also got stuck helping out on the ranch when her life could have been so much better. ...read more.


I think this works really well with the theme of the book because it is about two scruffy individuals so I think the text is wise. Also you can imagine the ranch that Lennie and George worked on due to the words used. Steinbeck makes some very clever points about similar things such as Candy and his dog and Lennie and George. The sentences are structured in a very special way. They are very short sentences in which every line has a word to hint what is happening, a description or what is coming next. Steinbeck has also encountered for the speech that the characters use. It is very informal. Steinbeck has also used words to describe loneliness even the place Soledad where Lennie and George were in Spanish means loneliness. Lennie is the lonely one and I think Steinbeck shows this well. Where as in complete contrast to 'Of Mice and Men' the 'Ostler' has long complex sentences with difficult words. The first difference I noticed was that it started in the first person being the narrator and then it went to be told in the third person in Isaac. In the Osler there is more descriptive words used to describe people. Although there is a likeness that the two, Isaac and Lennie are conveyed as lonely characters using words and phrases. I think Collins builds up atmosphere and tension quite well on the night of his nightmare. < It was half past eleven by the clock in the hall as they Went upstairs to the bedroom, the window of which looked the wood at the back. > Simon Warne 10MR GCSE Coursework. ...read more.

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