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A Comparison of Two Versions of the Romeo and Juliet Ball Scene

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A Comparison of Two Versions of the Romeo and Juliet Ball Scene When viewing both versions of the ball scene I tried to remain impartial throughout despite having watched one of them previously. They are both equally good adaptations in their own right full of attributes, which help make them good viewing. The obvious difference between the two is the period they were set in. One adaptation is very true to the original text and keeps to the original era it was set in. The other updates the story to a modern period that had clear repercussions on the scene. The script for both the modern and old versions stayed mostly true to the original text with a few variations. In the contemporary version the character Mercutio was strengthened relative to the text, so this came through in this scene especially. ...read more.


This had very little to do with Romeo and Juliet meeting as Mercutio took centre stage during this part of the scene. An artist who is seen and is at a contrast to the previous fun number plays the second song live. The song is very slow and flowing, it is sung by a rich female voice that changes the mood drastically. This is when Romeo and Juliet meet, the change in atmosphere is marked clearly by the change in music. The setting is also a major aspect of films that is important. In both versions the ball was set in a very big ballroom. In the old adaptation the lighting was richer and nestled in the darkness. In the new, the lighting was much brighter and gave off the feeling of light and fun. ...read more.


The modern version handled the costumes a great deal better. The theme of fancy dress I thought was a particularly good one as it allowed all the characters to show their true personalities. Juliet's pure, virgin nature was clearly portrayed in her angel costume. Romeo's romantic feelings also came through in his knight in shining armour costume. The acting was very similar, as I think all of the actors share a similar standard of skill. The old Juliet was perhaps a little more suited to the role as she looked the right age. I think that Leonardo DiCaprio was a little more convincing as the fresh faced Romeo. Overall although both adaptations interpreted the text very differently the results were equally pleasing. I think that all that mattered was that Romeo and Juliet's love at first sight was depicted well and I think that both versions achieved this. ...read more.

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