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A Comparison of "When the Bomb Drops" and "The Choosing"

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A Comparison of "When the Bomb Drops" and "The Choosing" Out of a selection of twelve studied monologues, I have decided to compare "When the Bomb Drops" and "The Choosing." "When the Bomb Drops" is about a lady trying to chooses a family who live on her road to share her bomb shelter with. She uses a process of exclusion rather than including and through this she portrays her character as a narrow- minded, snobbish housewife. "Those people without an inside loo should be crossed off the list." This statement alone shows her prejudice to those people and families with whom she feels are not as wealthy as she is. "We had another think and deleted the Ahmends whose skin isn't pink," also shows her prejudice from a racial view. The speaker excludes all those people who she feels are inferior to her, "We decided against, communists, dustmen...senior citizens..." and chose those people who were in her same social class. As the speaker describes her "difficult decision," she likens it to a Christmas card list, which shows her ignorance to the whole situation. Her ignorance is also shown in the final line, "Actually, we think it might be rather fun." It suggests that she has no understanding of the situation and does not think of the consequences to others, as she knows she, Tom and her chosen family will be safe. ...read more.


Each stanza describes a different part of her childhood and by the sixth stanza, it is ten years later. The speaker talks in a colloquial way describing her friendship with her best friend called Mary. Throughout the first half of the poem, the poet emphasizes the idea of the two friends being equal in all aspects. "First equal", "Same coloured ribbons", "equally shyness", "first equal, equally proud" are ways in which the writer shows their similarity within the first stanza. There was obviously a lot of competition between the two girls as they were always equal at everything, "competition for top desk", however the speaker does admit that she was worried about not being Mary's equal. "And my terrible fear of her superiority at sums" shows this. Throughout their early childhood, they lived in the same council estate in similar houses until "the choices got made." Mary's father had obviously lost his job and so Mary and her family were forced to move away. At this point the two friends took different paths and their lives became very different. The end of stanza three is the changing point in this poem. From this moment, the friendship between the two girls is never the same again. The speaker becomes distant from the family, "I'd glimpse among the others... ...read more.


"not that I envy her, really." The poems are similar in many ways and different in others. Both Characters have very different personalities and very different reactions to situations and are different in the way that they are written. One of the poems is written in a very regular rhythm and rhyme and the other is written in a more colloquial way that makes it easy for the reader to envisage someone actually speaking it. The regular rhyme and rhythm in "When the Bomb Drops" emphasises the very regular and strict personality of the speaker. The Characters personality in "The Choosing" is shown to be more relaxed as one line flows to the next i.e. enjambment. I personally prefer "The Choosing" because I feel that it is easier to relate to the speaker and her situation. I also feel that it has more feelings and emotions which I think help add to the readers understanding of the poem and also relate to the whole situation. I find "When the Bomb Drops very difficult to relate to because I do not think that anybody could act this way and would be willing to stand-by and watch people die. I feel that this poem is written in a way, which is too light-hearted for the situation. I find "The choosing" has more effect on me and that it is more realistic than "When the Bomb Drops." ...read more.

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