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A Continuation Of Dry September.

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A Continuation Of Dry September - Coursework McLendon could not take his eyes from the sky, it was as if they were locked to their position. The world appeared different something inside McLendon had changed. He stood for a while gazing far into the arid landscape when a sudden bang caused McLendon to jump straight from his trance like status, he turned around promptly to investigate the noise. His footsteps hit every creek in the floorboards, realisation flooded to him that creeping about the house would make no difference, he began to circulate the area searching for the something that made the noise. Frantically he stormed about the house but to no avail. The search ended disappointingly with McLendon retiring to his bedroom. The next day the sunshine bled through the curtains and awoke McLendon from his slumber. A huge gust of wind burst through the already unusually open door. ...read more.


As she lay on the floor McLendon stepped over her indiscreetly converting his pain into an extra kick to his wife's stomach as he walked out of the house and towards his car. As the engine on the car turned over McLendon pressed hard on the acceleration pedal and the car began to stall. The smoke from the exhaust he refused to pay to be fixed surrounded him as he began to cough and find it difficult to breathe. McLendon stepped out of the car to investigate what he suspected to be rain, it never so much as threatened to rain in the Deep South yet quickly a shower turned into something which more resembled a monsoon. Not being deterred by the downpour McLendon climbed back into his car and drove away finding it difficult to see where he was going as the harsh weather conditions impaired his view. ...read more.


The next day McLendon's wife arose with an inexplicable smile on her face, she turned to where her husband should have been and jumped up with a start. She touched the bed sheet to see if it had been slept in, it was as cold as it was fresh McLendon had not been home. There was a short sharp wrap on the front door which made her stomach turn and knot tightly, she stumbled from her bed still as sore as the day her husband mistook her for a punch bag and headed on her quest to see who was there. It was the barber, puzzled and confused she opened the door and was greeted with a stern and sullen face. 'Its McLendon, he's been involved in an accident' he did not need to say any more, he simply walked away and did not look back. Philippa Halliday 11Hope Mr Hitchen ...read more.

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