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A Cream Cracker Under the Sette

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How does Alan Bennet interest his Audience and make us feel sympathy for Doris in the play "A Cream Cracker under the Settee"? Alan Bennet the write behind the monologue a cream cracker under the settee is infamously know for letting the voices of isolated and overlooked people in the society heard. A cream cracker under the settee is a monologue about "Doris" who finds it hard to cope with the modern society around her. She is used to voice the opinion of the elderly people. In the play Bennet creates sympathy for her ( something common in monologues) people shouldn't be judged by their first impression because Doris comes across as fierce at first but it is due to what has happened to her in her life. ...read more.


She says "people were friendly with each other but now no one shows any respect to their elders they just take them for granted". Bennet not only generate sympathy for Doris but for her generation Alan Bennet keeps the audience interested by concealing facts about her life which like the cream cracker that is found under the settee. The title of the play is made significant because the cracker is Doris which means she is fragile and can be easily replaced and the fact that it is under the settee means that Doris has been declared unfit to be part of the modern society. ...read more.


This creates sympathy as we can see Doris is struggling and the audience is interested because they would want to know what is going to happen next Bennet use of dramatic technique such as pathos humour keeps the audience interested and sympathetic towards Doris. When she hears her noise outside her gate she is filled with emotion she say " I kept going o Wilfred, When are you going to get round the gate". This makes the audience sympathise with her because it shows how lonely she is and how she needs Wilfred. It shows how unhappy she is on the inside and Doris is far to show her true feeling as it would make her look weak ...read more.

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