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A cream cracker under the settee

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"A Cream Cracker Under the Settee" "A Cream Cracker Under the Settee" is about the way old people are treated by society. This monologue was written by Alan Bennett in 1987 for the BBC. "A Cream Cracker Under the Settee" is about a lonely old woman called Doris (played by Thora Hurd) who has had a fall and is coming to the end of her life. Doris is reminiscing about her life, regrets, dreams and interests; "Ought to have had a dog." To me, growing old is where you feel that you are incapable of doing certain things because your body wont let you. People reach old age at different points in their life. This is why I disagree with company's not employing people because of there age. I believe that all people should earn and be given a certain amount of respect. I think that old people get a certain amount of respect but not maybe as much as they should. When a lot of people think of old people they think of smelly old people that cant do anything; " I said, 'Yes. ...read more.


During the play Doris tells us about many of her life choices, her losses and regrets, "This is where we had the pram." Here Doris is talking about her past regrets and how she wishes now that she had had children. When Doris and Wilfred had tried for a baby Doris lost the baby. This was a very rough patch for Doris as she says makes out that the midwife didnt treat her baby like a person as it was dead and hadnt lived a life. This was a big turn around in Doris' life as I think that this is when her addiction to everything being clean started because Doris probably felt guilty and unclean for the baby. During her life Doris decided tht she did not want to get a dog because of how it would make the house untidy. Now Doris regrets that decision because the dog could be barking for help, " Ought to have had a dog. Then it could have been barking for someone." "A Cream Cracker Under the Settee" is a very emotional play but so that the audience does not find it too upsetting Alan Bennett uses irony to humour aspects of the play. ...read more.


Doris lives alone with no close friends or family. Alan Bennett is trying to say here that society doesn't make any effort with the elderly. This is done by Doris mimicing the characters voices and personalities. By Doris mimicing other characters we get a better and more balanced view of the characters and the situations. One of the characters Doris brings to life is her husband Wilfred; "Dont worry mother ive got it on my list." Doris make Wilfred out to be a happy caring but funny man. Doris and Wilfred had nicknames for one another, they called each other 'Mother' and 'Father'. This was probably because Doris and Wilfred never had any children. They would have felt more comforted about the loss of their child by the names. It is a good monologue with a great storyline however monologues do have some restrictions. A monologue is only one speaker therefore it is difficult for you to get a full understanding of other introduced characters as you are only getting one persons opinion of them. Referring back to the question i think that "A Cream Cracker Under the Settee" works well as a drama as it reflects old age and shows people how society treats people. ...read more.

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