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A cream cracker under the settee

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A cream cracker under the settee The story is about the last day of a women's, called Doris, life. Doris is a hygienic person; she is obsessed with keeping her home clean. But sadly due to her old age, leading to her inability to work, she has a worker from the council to come and clean for her. Doris has a problem with the cleaner, she states "...Zulema doesn't dust. She half-dusts" this means that she doesn't clean properly she leaves dust everywhere. An example of this quote states "...you haven't dusted the top of that." Doris tries to dust, but is weak and so can't do her best. The story is based mainly around a cracker she finds on the floor under the settee. ...read more.


The time of year would be autumn, as that is when the trees leaves go all brown and crispy and fall of, causing a mess on the floor it occupies. As it's her last day I would make it dawn, as we went the audience to see what she will do throughout the day, like she will start of complaining that she shouldn't have done the cleaning and now her leg is hurting. Then in the morning, something like 10am, is when she finds the cracker and starts to talk about it and finally there would be the evening, around 6pm where she cries for help and then finally dies, though its not shown. The character playing Doris would have to wear old clothes, with an old authentic colour, again like the browns and yellows. ...read more.


But in the end there is a part where, from what I recall, her neighbour ask her if she is ok and she replies yes. This again I do not understand that maybe she wants peace now or she wants to be left in peace. The pauses are for when she has to take deeps breathe because she is speaking too much at once. She tries to clean because her believes that Zulema doesn't clean properly. We don't find out what happens to Zulema, from when she tells her that she could report her if she was to tell her she found a cracker. At the end we don't know whether she dies or just goes to sleep. But I do know that I want the viewers to feel sad and think that they should never leave there elderly alone, mainly the oldest of the elderly, they are fragile and need to be cared for. Sajeed Adat 11Y3 ...read more.

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