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A Cream Cracker Under The Settee

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A Cream Cracker Under The Settee This play is a one Act monolog about an old lady called Doris, who is comparing her life now with her life in the past. All the way through the play Doris is speaking straight to the audience. The playwright uses a variety of dramatic techniques to do this. When she talks about Zuleema and what she says, "Dusting is forbidden" Doris makes us, the audience feel that Zuleema is treating her like a child. This shows that she is not very happy with Zuleema and thinks she can take care of her self. Doris talks out loud, this lets the audience know how she feels and shows that she is lonely and old. I think the playwright has chosen this technique to show that Doris doesn't have anyone to talk to. When Doris tells us what Zuleema says, she speaks in a manner which, makes us the audience feel that she is fed up of Zuleema bossing her around and telling her what do and what not to do. Doris uses the word "Dictating" to describe the way Zuleema was talking. Zuleema talks through Doris to give the audience a feel of how Doris is being treated. ...read more.


She eventually agreed though, but she goes on to say that it never happened just like all Wilfred's ideas, "Never materialised." The camera suddenly zooms out to a shot of Doris, the fireplace and part of the window, as she hears someone enter the garden. She begins to shout, "Hello. Somebody coming. Salvation." She tries to lift her self up a bit so maybe they would see her and help her, but it's too hard. She Begins to wave as she realises it's a young lad. Suddenly she stops waving, the camera zooms in then back out and she looks away from the window then looks back in disbelief as she realises what the young lad was using the garden for. She says in a disbelief manner, "The cheeky monkey. He's spending a penny." She starts to shout in a strained voice, "Hey. Hey. Get out. Clear off. You little demon." Doris is so shocked by this act that she looks about in astonishment. She then starts to slowly lift her head and the music from before starts up again in the background, she looks out the window as she realises what she has done, she tries to make her self feel better by saying that he wouldn't have known what to do. ...read more.


Zuleema reflects all of the prejudice that Doris has about other groups of people. Doris resents Zuleema for having to rely on her and not having the independence. To clean the house for herself. The fact that Zuleema is from a different ethnic group (we can tell this from her name) only provokes more resentment and grudge on Doris' part. Zuleema is made out to be a patronising person who has no respect for the elderly, and tries to be an authoritarian. She sounds intimidating as she constantly threatens Doris with mentions of Stafford House. Doris simply reacts with cheeky or sarcastic comments, letting us know that she is not bothered and knows that Zuleema is just trying to influence her. Although there is regret and I suspect anxiety in her tone of voice. Doris doesn't want to be stuck in a place where she will be treated with irreverence. She has unfounded impressions of the home, which are based on nothing, no experiences. This is very exasperating as she is throwing false accusations at Zuleema about going 'daft' in the place. A lot has changed since her time, however Doris is convinced that society has taken a turn for the worse. She has a very negative attitude towards today's youth. I think Alan Bennet has used outstanding effects and techniques to let the audience know of all the feelings of an old lady. ...read more.

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