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''A cream Cracker under the settee'' by Alan Bennett.

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''A cream Cracker under the settee'' A cream cracker under the settee'' is a play in the form of monologue. It was written by Alan Bennett who wrote the play in 1940s, Doris is the main character, and she is an old lonely lady who's on her seventies and thinks of her present life and reminisces about her past. Doris loves cleaning, she links everything to cleanliness. But sadly in her poor conditions she finds hard to maintain this cleanliness that she's mad about. Instead a cleaner called Zulema from the social services comes to her house every week to clean for her. Zulema always try's to persuade Doris to move to Stafford house which is an old peoples home however Doris despises the thought of Stafford house as she quotes ''I don't want to be stuck with a lot of old lasses'' she thinks that the people of Stafford house are physically and mentally ill and smell of urine. And she thinks she will go mental if she moves to Stafford house as she says ''you go daft there, there is no where else to go but daft'' Doris don't like Zulema she thinks Zulema don't do her job properly ''Zulema doesn't dust she half dusts'' she says. ...read more.


There are four scenes in the play altogether and all four scenes take place on the same day so I would pass about 2-3 hours after each scene. The third scene will be set in the hallway around 3pm in the afternoon, and I would pass few hours because this is the second last scene and that's why this scene should be set in mid-afternoon. I would set the last and final scene of the play in the living room at early evening around 6pm because Doris says ''its getting dark'' this quote tells us that it's evening time and as it is autumn and usually in autumn the sun sets quit early about 6pm. Because Doris is an old lady is critical she dresses like an old lady. In the play Doris would be wearing an old frock. As she mentions ''I've had this frock for years.'' She will also be wearing a cardigan because the play is set in autumn and she feels cold. Doris is character who would be obsessed with cleanliness because she hurts herself while dusting and because she looks after her house so well then this intimates that Doris is also very neat person. Doris will be overemotional person. For example she thinks back to when her baby had died before birth and his feelings also make her miserable. ...read more.


And she eats and destroys the cracker and therefore she puts an end to her life. She commits euthanasia because she doesn't have motive in her life. She refused the help from the policemen because she knew that she ate the cream cracker, which symbolised her and she destroyed it so there is no way she can bring back the cream cracker and therefore she know not even the policemen could save her from dying. As she quotes "never mind. It's done with now, anyway.'' Meaning that what's done is done and cannot be undone so you must live with it. By watching this play the audience must understand the troubles and difficulties with old age and how we need someone to look after us when we are over seventies. And being old has many problems such as difficulties with walking. This is why Doris is miserable. Doris mentions leafs coming down and she has another meaning behind it beside the season being autumn. The leave symbolises Doris. In the spring the birth of the leaf take place, the summer is the main part of the life for the leaf. Autumn is old age and this is where Doris at present stands. In the winter leafs die and therefore Doris can see herself in that leaf because she knows she is also about to reach her winter, which is her time of death. ...read more.

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