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A Cream Cracker under the settee - Doris

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The monologue a cream cracker under the settee is about an old lady called Doris. Doris lives on her own and cannot do much for herself so she relies on home help from a woman called Zulema. Zulema does not sound like someone from a British origin. This means that Doris doesn't respect her as much because people in Doris' day did not belief in immigration. All the way though the monologue Doris is faced with the threat of having to move to an old folks home "Stafford house" she beliefs that if she moves there it would take away her last bit of dignity. Doris could be considered quite a racist person an example of her showing this side is when she says "carpet sales in chapels now. Else Sikhs." this is a racist slur because she is making out chapels should only be used for Christian purposes because they probably were in her day. This again goes back to Doris being against immigration. Doris expects Zulema to do all her cleaning to a high standard but when Zulema leaves Doris complains about the job that she has done Doris says "Zulema doesn't dust she half dusts" this shows that Doris expects better than what Zulema is doing and that she is obsessed with hygiene, there are numerous quotes in the text showing this one of them being when Doris and Wilfred are talking about getting a dog and Doris says "yes. ...read more.


We all have many choices that we can make in life but this is not the case for Doris. Her only two choices are to stay where she is and be lonely or move to the old folks home. This makes the audience feel sorry for Doris because the only two choices she have are both quite bad. Doris' decision lies mainly in the hands of Zulema. In the text Zulema says "what you don't understand Doris is I am the only person who lies between you and Stafford house" Zulema also says " I have to report on you. The welfare say to me every time " well Zulema how is she coping?" this shows that after every time Zulema visit's, the people of the welfare want to know if she is capable of living on her own or if she would be better of moving to the home. If Doris moves to the home she beliefs she will lose all her dignity, so she fights against Zulema to stay at her own home. Doris uses humour all the way through the monologue some being intentional and some unintentional. Some intentional humour is when she says " love god and close all gates" this is funny because Doris is saying there care more about god than actual people because they didn't close her gate when they were handing out religious letters. ...read more.


Bennet also does it to make us think about how lonely old people must really feel, because in most of our families we have someone like Doris but we care for them. But in Doris' case she has no one. The television producer of the cream cracker under the settee enhances the audience's sympathy for Doris. The television program shows Doris in her sad and lonely way. It shows Doris to talk to the picture of Wilfred as if he was still alive and she also carries it round on every scene this shows that she still loves him. In each scene the light gets more and more dim showing that Doris is more and more desperate for help. The camera angles are vital as it usually just shows Doris sad face for sympathy but at the start of each scene it shows the whole room to emphasise what a struggle it must have been for Doris to get there. Bennet presents Doris very well. I can relate to how she must feel as I have a great grandma who lives on her own. My grandma has been continuously asked to move to a home but she always refuses just like Doris. As part of the audience I like Doris and I belief she is funny and easy to relate to. I believe the purpose of the monologue is to make us more respectful to older people and for us to understand how they must feel. ...read more.

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