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A critical account of a live theatrical production written as a member of the audience - Blood brothers.

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A critical account of a live theatrical production written as a member of the audience On the 12th November at the Phoenix theatre I went to watch 'Blood Brothers'. The playwright is Willy Russell. Blood brothers is about two brothers who get separated at birth. One goes to a high class family the other goes to a middle class family. They both die simultaneously. The themes that are explored and raised in 'Blood Brothers' are superstition for example 'shoes on the table', Class- middle class and working class, law with the policeman scene, family, education and society. Society was unfair to poor working class children for example when the policeman went to return Mickey he threatened Mrs Johnstone but when he went to return Eddie he just told them not to let him mix with Mickey as he is bad. The Narrator, Philip Stewart tried to create tension between characters and showed this by lurking around them and following them. ...read more.


He played the part with lots of enthuisiam and excitement. When he was on stage he drew the audience's attention by the he played his role. His speech was clear throughout the production and he successfully played an innocent character. The portrayal of Mrs Johnstone by Linda Nolen was very good as she showed her true feelings for her children and showed that she never wanted to give Eddie away. The audience really sympathised for her as she gave in to a bully. I thought Linda aged very well thought the play from her youth in motherhood and onto her middle age. I thought when Mark Hutchinson who played Eddie was a child he wasn't as effective compared to Mickey, as he was a little too subtle but, he dominated the play with a confident attitude. He showed he had come from an upper class family from his appearance and voice.I found Louisa Lydell who played Mrs Lyons was very convincing when she was showing her fear for when she thought Eddie had gone. ...read more.


Spotlights were used a lot of the time to catch your attention. For example when there was narration. This was a good factor of the play. The Philip Stewart always seemed to dominate the play as his was always higher then the other actors to show his was 'watching' down on them. I thought the beginning was very effective as you didn't know what was happening then it all unravelled at the end. I thought the play was very good and really enjoyed I have mixed emotions on parts of the play. I didn't really think that Mr Lyons was as effective as the other actors and actresses and he didn't put as much enthusiasm as the other performers. I think the director wanted to use a variety of moods to keep you 'glued' to the play. Overall I really did enjoy the play and if I have the chance I would go and see it again. I think this play would appeal to all ages. When the play finished it was obvious that everyone else enjoyed the play as much as I did. Parveena Sumessur Mrs Curtis 1 ...read more.

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