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A day I will remember for the rest of my life!!

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A day I will remember for the rest of my life!! My name is John and I am a normal 15 year old boy attending school. I have a mother and a father, Susan and Jack and one sister called Molly. I thought we were all just a normal family and that nothing exciting or extra ordinary ever happens to people like us but I was wrong, very wrong. Well it all happened along time ago on one Monday afternoon, I was just threw the door home from school on my own as usual until five thirty. But as soon I had closed the door there was a knock on the door, so I went to answer but the man behind the door did not look familiar to me, I had never seen him before. He asked me was my mother or father at home and I told him that they were both still at work and would not be home until after 5 thirty. ...read more.


In theory it is so deadly that if it was ever to be used it would wipe out the entire planet within a matter of hours" I was stunned I didn't know what to think and then..... my father walked threw the door, and to his surprise he seen a man with a gun but the difference this time was that my father knew the man. "Edward" my father said in amazement, "What in the name of God do you think you are doing" "I am doing what I should have done along time ago, Jack , I'm taking back what is rightfully mine and which you have received all the credit, fame and gratitude for. I'm taking back the prototype for the Nuclear detonation programme. He held a gun to my fathers head and ordered him to get it but my father refused. " "How dare you Edward I treated you like a father when you came to NWDF I showed and taught you everything you know and this is what ...read more.


My father told the police man what had happened and before he could finish dad's boss entered the house and began to demand answers to what happened. My dad began to tell him and once he had finished explaining, dad's boss told him that he had done the right thing, done what he had to do and possibly saved many lives. My dads boss began to talk to the police and within minutes the were gone, and the house we quiet but myself and dad stunned by the whole ordeal were not going to talk about this incident at all, that was the end of it. A couple of weeks after the whole thing my dad resigned, told the company he had enough and that he wanted to spend to time with his children and wife and they accepted his resignation considering the circumstances, and so we are all a happy normal family again but with a story this time. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Coursework 13 September 2006 Creative writing Shane McCudden 12D ...read more.

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