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A LIFE IN THE DAY OF Every morning my alarm goes off and interferes with my dreams. Eventually when it does wake me up at 7.15am, I drag my arm from underneath the pillow and hit the "stop" button, but soon after that I will fall back into a deep sleep. Then what seems like half an hour, the alarm goes off again, soon after the first one. In spite of the two alarms I will usually tend to drift off again, but it doesn't take long until I'm rudely interrupted by the nagging of my mum. This soon gets me up. Dragging myself into the bathroom I have a shower, waking me up for pretty much the whole day, Now I'm up I get dressed, clean my teeth and do my hair. It's about 8.10am by the time I get down stairs and by having to leave the door by 8.15am makes me start to rush around running into the garden to do my animals, then coming back inside and grabbing a quick drink for breakfast. ...read more.


During break all I really do is mess around and have a laugh. After break, I grab my bag from my locker and go to third lesson. Its lunch time, there is such a relief as I get let out of fourth lesson as I can't wait to go. As I do at break I put my bag in my locker, grab some food and I'm on my way. Lunchtimes are a lot more exciting if it's a hot summer's day because every ones up the field chilling out or running around. It's not like break because there is never enough time to go up the field or nothing. Well as lunch flies by I go up to form, normally late but they don't care most of the time, the teachers that is, once again another boring 20 minutes of my life has gone by, so I grab my bag from my locker and I'm on my way to fifth lesson. ...read more.


and sit down, this probably wont be for long as I have to wait for my friend to do her paper round, as I am her last house to deliver to I meet her then, when I get in from going out my mum will be home putting the tea on, that's when I always choose to start my homework, but not normally finishing it. Well tea is ready now and I'm with my brother most evenings if not with my mum as well. After tea I will get back to doing my homework for an hour or so but most of the time I sit watching the TV. Time has now caught up with me is around 10 o'clock and I'm really tired so stopping whatever I'm doing I switch off the computer and go upstairs saying goodnight to my mum and dad on the way. Well after I have cleaned my teeth I crash out on my bed waiting for the new day to begin. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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