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A day in my life, in my shoes, a day in the shoes of a teenager who lives in a house of seven people!

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Growing up in a relatively larger-than-average household with seven people who are somehow related to you in one way or another, life is pretty hectic; especially when you're a 15 year-old teenager with hormones raging inside of you. It is known that young people at this stage of their lives feel that the whole world is against them. And let me tell you: It's absolutely true! (Not the idea of everyone being against us but that kind of feeling.) Don't believe me? Let me take you out on a day in my life, in my shoes, a day in the shoes of a teenager who lives in a house of seven people! "Good morning, it's Hughesy, Kate and Dave on Nova 100..." Tangled in my doona, I wriggled over on my back and reached in the darkness of my room and found the bedside table. Moving my hand around the surface of the table I eventually found the alarm clock and commenced my search for the off button. ...read more.


of the lounge/kitchen area pulled my blazer over my shoulders using one hand and yanked my 50 kilo school bag onto my back with the other. I grabbed my scarf and violin case as I cursed my heavy schoolbag for being so heavy. In the car was where I usually ate my light breakfast before being dropped off at my bus buddy's house. If we didn't arrive there by 6:30, the bus would undoubtedly leave without me. I cursed the early morning trucks for being so slow, cursed Mac Rob for being so far away from home and for not being a boarding school. "You're always late you know. If you're late, it makes all of us late. If you're late for the bus I'll have to drive you to the next stop or worse yet all the way to school in the city. If you're late I'll be late for work and could be fired. Then who'll provide for the family? You? I don't think so. Grandpa is retiring and you mum's wage isn't enough for the seven of us to survive on." ...read more.


Like most other teenagers, it infuriated me to hear my dad tell the story again and it annoyed me that it made sense and was, to some extent, true. Nonetheless, all this unnecessary pressure and expectation laid on me at 6:20 in the morning was just too unfair. I cursed it for that. I sighed as he drove into the driveway of Janet's house. There's no point in arguing back as I would (and I quote) "bring shame upon the family". Besides, it was too early for the verbal battle. I trudged up the front steps of Janet's house as my dad backed onto the road and drove off to work. When I boarded the bus, I did not curse it for coming so early because I was just too tired. Instead I slept for whole two hour trip to school. That's how it was for me. For every morning of my life since the start of 2003 girls would arrive at school, groggy, stoned and cranky. It's like having that time of the month 365 days a year. ? Made up name ?? Not real name ?? ?? ?? ?? AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY By: Nina Khauv ...read more.

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