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I'm an extremely light sleeper so as soon as the first ray of light filters through my curtain I'm awake, which means I am usually up and awake at about 6:30. It is very boring waiting around for an hour and-a-half before school. The mornings can be a struggle because I spend them getting my brothers up; this is because my Dad owns a family business which means he doesn't have to get up as early as the rest of us, meaning he doesn't feel it to be his job to get them up. This can be a huge task with my brother Will. I occasionally have to resort to violence but not very often. After I have got all my books ready and packed and have checked that all my homework is done sufficiently, I eat my breakfast, ...read more.


my mates and talk pointlessly about the night before even though nothing much would have happened, especially Mark because, when we join forces our mental age drops from sixteen years old to about eight, and we become the most childish people ever we constantly get told were immature but we don't seem to care as it does amuse us terrifically. During my lessons I long for the bell so that I can go out into town for lunch and rate the lessons we've just had previously. After school, on Fridays, I usually end up staying round someone's house as we can finally have some time off school even though we have to devote some time to homework; it's usually a last minute thing and we see who's parents are will put up with us for the evening. ...read more.


When I actually get started though, it's okay because I see all my mates that I haven't seen in a week. The next thing to look forward to is a drink and some chips in the nice warm clubhouse where we usually stay for about 2 or 3 hours, this is great as I chat with my chums about or various aches and pains caused during the session before. Then I go home to rest up a little and wait for my piping hot roast dinner to be served which is the pinnacle of my whole week, after that I'll finish any outstanding homework that I haven't managed to finish during the week and then attempt to have an early night, which never happens as there's always something interesting on the teley this means that I'll end up staying up to midnight, ultimately meaning being being completely shattered in the morning. This sums up my average week. THE END ...read more.

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