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a day in the life of.

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It was about 5 am. When i suddenly awoke sun shining on my face, as i stumbled down from my bunk bed and waded across my room. To switch on the tv and playstation 2. To play on grand theft auto 3, time went speeding past before i knew it was 6:30. I made my way down stairs and ate 3 bowls of Cornflakes while watching TV rushed up stairs got changed for school quickly packed my bag and stated to make my way to school. ...read more.


The bell went every body was here except Andy and tom how i knew would be at mc Donald's eating breakfast as normal. Mrs johns came and took the register and said we could go to next lesson Ihad just walked into my eneglish room C7 MS Smith said sit down and begin reading so i seteled down to read my book time flow past as she said you now need to plan your structer for your imagtive writing so I begun to draft out my plan and before i knew it was the end of the ...read more.


Tutrial time time to be broad stiff by Mrs johns she was late , prasie the lord only 50 seconds to go. I got home spent 25 mins on my homework then ate cuase i was going to the triangle, with luke and ed we had been there an hour but it only seemed like minitues so we got a cab home and parted for the night. As i got throught the door i fell asleep. ...read more.

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