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A Day in the life of...

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A Day in the life of... BANG! The window shattered into a million pieces that shone on the floor with the full moon rays. I hoped no one had noticed. Goddamn! That asshole Jake told me this c2 charge would make little noise, but of course, breaking a double bulletproof window wasn't easy. Hopefully no one had noticed, but just in case, I stood camouflaged in the darkness for some minutes, until I could see no lights had been turned on in the mansion. I switched my night goggles on and went in. My first error had already been made; making too much noise could get me into serious problems with the guards in the house. The second error was even worse, I was underestimating the enemy. Just as I got in I saw three men standing in front of me with one shotgun each. I hardly managed to crouch before the bullets started flying over me. My mastered skills in the use of heavy weapons and the 5 years working for the army had always come in handy, and as I flied through the air I got my two Uzi's from my back strips and shot into the hostile figures. ...read more.


"I promise it will be the last one. Lets talk about money," whispered the cold voice through the phone. "I told you I have enough money" I shouted getting angrier every second "OK the problem is the guy that I want you to kill is pointing a gun at your wife's head" I let go of the phone and stared blankly into space. That was the reason why Jason hadn't woke him up crying or urging him to play with him. When I was able to regain strength and get the phone again the voice said "This ain't no game Joe if you want more information meet me in 6 minutes in Times Square" and he hung up. Silence was the only thing I could hear. I rushed up to my bedroom knowing that when Jake wanted him in 6 minutes, he had only one chance. My apartment was reasonably near to Times Square. It was a big apartment with two floors and three garages it also had a heliport in the ceiling just for any emergencies. I had managed to get all these goods by my work: hired killer. ...read more.


I would come in at night and blow up the bulletproof window of the main chamber I would only have to cross the room into the place my wife and son were locked. The plan was perfectly planned but... I was still lying on the floor giving up everything when a reasonably known face stood in front of me "Well, well, well. Look who we got here its nothing more than Joe Vercetti, the famous hired killer." My sight was fading, I had lost a lot of blood through my leg but I wanted to see the face of the one that had done this to me. When at last, my sight was some better I saw to my horror the face of the assassin: Jake Factoni. "TRIATORRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I wanted to stand up and stab him twenty times in the neck but I just couldn't, and when I saw the mutilated corpses of my wife an my son I just couldn't stand it any longer. My sight was worst now and I could vaguely hear Jake. That's when I decided to switch off and try to look back in the past for any good memories. Jake and I have still a battle to fight when he meets me in hell. END ...read more.

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