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A Day in the Life of a ....Teaching Assistant at Kennington Church of England Junior School

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A Day in the Life of a .... Teaching Assistant at Kennington Church of England Junior School Being a teacher is a lot of hard work, more than I'd ever imagine. When I went to Kennington Church of England Junior School it was exciting, yet so tiring... My first day was very nerving. It consisted of a tour round the school and getting to know the teachers. When I first met my class they looked at me like I was a strange alien. I knew nobody's names and they didn't know mine, let alone know how to pronounce it! My classroom was in a mobile, with rickety floors and creaking doors. They had two gerbils and two dwarf hamsters in their classroom as well, which I was quite jealous of. It's very different staying in one room for all your lessons during the day as it's not what I'm used to. After getting settled in, it was announced that I would be joining my class on a school trip with the other two year five classes. ...read more.


We climbed off the coaches and made our way walking on a very wet sea wall to learn about coastal defences and long shore drift. The weather could have been better; it was very windy and cold which made the experience even more so challenging. Everyone was cold; especially those children who didn't wear appropriate clothes! Walking along the sea wall I got to talk to my teacher, Mrs Rachel Semandeni, about the children in my class. I managed to work out who were going to be a difficult to control and who we're going to play up to test my limits! I learnt a few names and started to feel settled. We wandered along looking at coastal defences and the damages the sea can do to the cliffs. The children seemed interested, but I got the feeling they we're just paying attention to not get in trouble, after all, I've only just learnt what they're learning now and it seemed a bit advanced for them. After playing on the beach and watching the kids paddle and play with seaweed (whilst wishing our school trips were more like this) ...read more.


They all just wanted to go home and go to sleep by the sounds of it, and they weren't the only one! We all got back on the coaches and made our way back. The kids seemed quieter then on the way there, which was fine by me as I was falling asleep! It was all very tiring and I was glad to get back to school and go home. I slept like a baby that night! The experience was shocking; it made me feel like a child again watching all the children running around. Trying not to join was very hard. I also got to experience what being a real adult is like. I was treated with respect and involved in all the gossip between teachers! The rest of the week was just as fun, I watched my class enjoy sports day at the Julie Rose stadium in Ashford and I also had the pleasure of watching my class perform a Jewish wedding, from which I learnt a lot! Overall, I learned a lot from the experience, defiantly more than I thought I would. I felt very involved in everything the children did and if I could have stayed on another week I would have. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amber Coulthwaite 10G 1 ...read more.

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