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A Day in the Life of Fahad.

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English Coursework A Day in the Life of Fahad Beep, beep, beep, beep "Oh man, is it 7.30 am already" is what I say to myself in the early morning of an average school day. During an average school morning, I look, talk and walk like a tramp. At 7.45 am I walk into the bathroom where I do my personal business such as doing my toothbrush, washing my face with soap and then either have a shower or have a bath, when I've had a shower or whatever I go to the mirror and flex my muscles and comb my hair and if I have to put some hair gel on after I've done this I put some facial cream on to stop dry skin from attacking me. When I get out the bathroom I run straight into my bedroom, I then put some spray on my body after this part of the morning I get changed into those things called a school uniform which all ...read more.


I've got my energy back I start walking faster and when I reach school I go straight into my form room with a big bang on the chair which shows how much effort I put into walking to school. If I get late for a lesson my best excuse is that "Miss, everyone came late to registration and when they came they all started messing around, and by the time we got our registration done, every one was already 5 minutes into their lessons." This master excuse always works for me whenever I am late for a lesson. Today for the first 2 lessons I have English, then I have got break time, then the second 2 lessons I have Science and History and for the last 2 lessons I have got RE (full course) and Business Communication Systems. For some strange reason the first 2 lessons go awfully slow and so do the last 2 lessons. ...read more.


by the mosque teacher either for not reading properly or talking to a friend, I go mosque to read the Qur'an and learn about Islam and read Urdu too. After mosque I go to my friends house and play out till about 8.00 pm when I get back from my friends house I come home and eat some chappatees and some drink to go with it. During my food time I watch some TV and its normally Eastenders. I then go upstairs and do all my school homework. After this I get changed into my night-clothes and go to sleep. Beep, beep, beep, beep "Oh man, is it 7.30 am already." If you think about school, it's like a test, if you get it all wrong then you won't get a good job, if not that then you'll get nothing at all. So you have to accept getting up early and doing the best you can at every thing even if you don't like it. Fahad Rasul 10D ...read more.

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