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A Day In The Life Of The alarm sounds in its piercing rhythm and the ginger beast rolls over and hits the snooze button, obliterating the deafening sound for another five minutes, growls and then rolls over and curls the duvet back over his furry ginger head. By the way the ginger beast is me, Fred. Then, I hear the deep rumbling sound of the shower being turned on, which is usually a signal for me to get up or my brother will sit on my face. So eventually after half an hour of contemplating whether I need to get up, I came to a conclusion that I did otherwise I'd miss my bus and be late. So with only ten minutes until I had to leave, I was running around like a hamster on ecstasy, trying to find my homework that's a week late and chewed to bits by a dog I'd never had. ...read more.


I thought to myself, 'Wow, I'm early', but straight after, Mr Beard came out, told me to get to lessons and do my top button up or he'll beat me. And from then on until four o'clock, I don't remember a thing. Probably because I had double French and maths. So then I go home from school to do more work, which quite frankly seems very pointless. Usually, every child will come home to the smell of some proper homemade cooking, sadly I don't, because my mum is a police officer. And people think that my mum walks around, truncheon in hand with a can of pepper spray in her pocket, but really, she's just a detective she doesn't chase anyone down dark alleyways she usually finds dead people in them. This means she doesn't get home until a bit later, by which time I've started to eat my brother. ...read more.


But there is a slight problem, I forgot my password. Why is it so hard to relax these days? Now after all of that, no relaxation to be had and its time for bed. So I clean my teeth and curl up in bed. Whenever I try to get to sleep, there's always noises. The next door's dog could bark for England and my mum watching James Bond on the TV. And then my dad finishing the washing up he's been doing for three hours. We always hear about the ways of getting to sleep. By counting sheep for example. And I've been doing this my whole life and it still took me ages to get to sleep. And now I found out, it's scientifically proven not to help you sleep. So now I have someone to blame when I hand my homework in late because I've got no sleep and had food poisoning from my dads cooking. Its 11 O'Clock and the ginger beasts eyes flutter closed for another 10 hours. ?? ?? ?? ?? Fred Stiddard 4M Fred Stiddard 4M ...read more.

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