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A day in the life of me (at boarding school).

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´╗┐At 7:30 hell starts! Surprisingly, I have managed to sleep through the loud LMFAO tune of my alarm. Finally I drag myself out of bed knocking my roommate Emily over in the process. At last, I manage to reach the bathroom armed with my seventh toothbrush this month (I hate reusing toothbrushes) I am ready to ambush! The next free toilet is mine!! Saturday Morning, what to wear? Then reality hits I have school. I have now gone from my happy mood to a dark sullen temper. As I struggle to find a pair of non-laddered tights I check the time?five minutes until breakfast. Somehow I am now struggling to do up my shirt and do my hair at the same time trying not to break anything in the process. There is one perk to being a prisoner at this school, you can never be late. But I guess that means no missing lessons because of ?traffic?. Oh well. As I step back into illawarra after a nasty breakfast of pink sausages and beans (it?s always the same) I am bombarded with books and people as if it?s the first day back from the holidays. ...read more.


I must have been to health centre at least five times this week. They should award me with a loyalty card; five stamps and a free paracetamol, ive not always been this clumsy, in fact I was so steady on my feet I once aspired to be a gold medallist tightrope walker, my balance was impeccable. After play is another lesson; for me it?s usually resistant materials, which if im not careful could end up with another trip to health centre (and more loyalty points). Resistant materials; some people think it is a boys subject but with us three girls getting the leading scores in the exam, I beg to differ! To be honest the whole system of this school is pretty embarrassing, it started as an all boys school but look who took over? My bet, in fifteen years it will be an ALL-GIRLS school. Imagine that. My new aspiration is to rule an all-girls school, brilliant! Home time! Can?t wait? I?m back to Illawarra no home for me tonight. Being a Part Boarder means I only go home to my mad family on Wednesdays and weekends. ...read more.


In our free time we usually don?t go out because that involves going down to St.George in the dark which at times can be worth it but sometimes not especially when Miss.Vetter turns you down at the door. After we?ve been out we usually sneak in due to the lack of permission slips that we have ?lost? on our long and vast journey across parade ground. This usually ends in us having to clean the galley, which I can tell you is not a pleasant job due to the only things being eaten in there are either sticky or slimy. Not a good combination. Finally off to bed, that is unless the other girls sneak into our room for a midnight chat pretending to have homesickness just so they can stay and sleep on the comfort of my floor. Once everything is settled I snuggle down into my tiny bed and dream for the night until ?. Beep beep beep my alarm even goes off on Sunday?PARADE! Parade has to be the worst thing about this school, it is a pure day devoted to something I pretty sure none of the students wants to do. In ten years time on exactly this day, I will be the first female president signing against the torture of weekend schooling for students. ...read more.

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