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A Day in the Life of Me

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A Day in the Life of Me Welcome to the life of me, Jo Compton. There is nothing special about me I'm just a normal, mundane person but I thought I would introduce you into the real world. I am a man with no qualifications trying to be someone that I am not. I try not to blame my failure in this complicated world on anyone but if I had to I would blame my old college that used to be a mental institute in its early days, then I didn't take any notice but looking back it seems a bit dubious that an institute for the mentally ill being converted into a school. My college was absolutely atrocious the teachers had no control over the pupils you could swear at the teachers and they wouldn't hand out any punishments as if to say that it is right to disrespect those who are trying to help you for the future but the only good thing about the college was that they had excellent sports program with some of the best sports facilities in London this is mainly due to government resources because we were an under achieving school. ...read more.


safer but to overcome this problem I bought a second hand microwave as I couldn't afford a new one which made my life a lot easier wondering how to prepare my food but now it is a forgotten task. Lastly in the kitchen are the mismatching utensils to give a more contemporary feel to my already designer house. These houses cost as much as playing 'Lotto' which is a big advantage as all the house prices around the country are increasing rapidly except guess where, yep Whitechapel. Why? You may ask, it is due to several reasons why no-one wants to move to this dump. Firstly the car congestion is possibly the worst in the country with the maximum speed at about 6 miles per hour not that the government has enforced this speed ruling upon the motorists it just that it isn't possible to go any faster because the large number of cars on the road meaning that no motorist can get above second gear as it would be pointless because you'll probably come upon the dreaded traffic lights or waiting for some twat in a big convey or ...read more.


I have to give Whitechapel some credit this was the place of my birth in the 'Great London Hospital' on September the twenty-third of 1977, those were the days, a person could live their lives with hardly any hassle only the odd couple of bills, they didn't have to worry about being sued for absurd reasons like dropping a pen, the air was heavenly compared to today's filth that we inhale, in those days cars seemed to be a gift from God but now we can see that it was a gift in disguise from Satan to bring the world slowly to a stand still taking us back a century. I hope this rather long passage of writing has enlightened you of the real world and of the real people, what they have to endure and cope with each day of their lives. Count yourself lucky when living your life; forget the little bad things that may happen in one day just remember that the real people in this world have to hack through much tougher ordeals each day, praying that they win the 'Lotto' and don't have to live their repulsive life any more. ...read more.

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