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A day in the life of myself.

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A day in the life of myself. I am awoken by the foul stench of my dog, which has just let-rip at the top of the stairs. There is no chance of falling asleep again, as the radio is blaring out music so loud that the floor vibrates! As I rise out of my bed, and find the dull looking school uniform, amongst other poor excuses for clothes within my wardrobe. I fail miserably as I walk to bathroom and wind up on my backside, obviously, still feeling the effects of last nights �60 bill in town, the taste of alcohol still present in my mouth, 'spitting feathers'? ...read more.


me, droves of students, all trying to get a last intake of lady nicotine, as well as to catch up on any missed gossip that my have happened at the weekend, before the long duration that is school. First lesson comes and goes, with little or no interruption, as well as no inspiration for the day ahead. If the day goes like this, I won't be a good one! Good day it isn't. After being five minutes late to my lesson after break, I am subjected to lunchtime detention, which won't help because I was due to work for the same lesson that lunch, another detention may follow if the work is not complete! ...read more.


Work is always good, many people hate their jobs, but not me. The staff are friendly, the managers not too harsh and quite a laugh, and the job isn't to testing, the best thing is, it's only a three hour shift so it will go very fast meaning I can get home to watch the champions league football, down the pub with a few choice friends. A long day, a boring day, the same old routine. When will it all end? I fall asleep to the same old questions. What will I become, how will I get there, is going to take much longer and if so how much longer? But there is always one question that lingers, what does tomorrow hold, I lay back and hope it won't be a 'Groundhog Day' ...read more.

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