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A Day in the Life of Thomas Large

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13 / 12 / 01 A Day in the Life of Thomas Large Monday morning. I awake at 7:00am to the sound of my alarm, which I turn off and go back to sleep after yet another restless nights sleep of bears and other bizarre things. I say 'bears and other bizarre things' as I have a strange habit of talking in my sleep. It all started when I was away on holiday for my mum's birthday in Bath. My parents had gone down to have a meal in a restaurant and when they came back up I was trying to climb up a curtain to escape from the room. Another occasion was back in the summer when I was on scout camp. My friends and I had made shelter from braches and others bits to sleep in that night. When it came to nightfall I woke up shouting, "where are the bears? Get me the bears", before getting up and running across a field, finally getting tackled by an older scout! It is only when my dad comes back up from the kitchen that I roll out of bed and make plans to get ready. My radio tunes into 'Chiltern' where a listen to the voice of 'the morning crew' and 'adverts' in near freezing conditions. I say near freezing conditions as I now live up in my converted loft with blankets and duvets. ...read more.


I do find this annoying even though I am serious Christian, because when hardly anybody does turn up, there is no punishment for him or her. Recently at school we had a new 'state of the art' technology block built to help to give us 'technology college' status, which also goes for maths, science and technology. Also in the Physical Education department (P.E.) they have received an award for their improvements at Physical Education. For drama, which I gave up because of options in year 10, they have just had a new drama block built over the old squash courts. I am not a big drama fan and I do think that it was waste to build it; because there are more important things needed around school than I a 'new drama studio' like re-doing the English block for example. This does mean that we did not need one but I think there are other things higher up on the agenda that need doing, other things that everybody can benefit from. Once at school my first stop is to Goddard block to tutor base, were my tutor register us before we can go to first period. This is also the first chance I get to chat to my friends about the weekend. Once out of tutor base I make my way to my first period. ...read more.


Rowan and I just sit there and nod. I am unhappy with the way Goddard house is run compared to the rest of the system (the other houses). On the way home from school I usually stop of at the 'Post office' with Ben and Andy to see what we can buy with thirty pence, before I get a lift home with my mum and brother. Once in the car I can feel some warmth regaining to my hands and feet as the car radiator blasts on. That 's the thing I like about mums car compared to my dads car. My mum's car may be old and about to fall apart but the radiator actual starts to work before we get home! Unlike my dad's car were you could drive all the way around the world ten times before the cars radiator start to work! As we pull up on the drive our home, I feel glad to be home. The home itself has recently been extended so giving us more living space, but every night I always get the same questions from my mum 'which tiles to choose?' and 'does the paint colour look good?' Once in from the dark late afternoon I sit down to with a hot drink to watch the film taped from the night before. Today it is 'lock stock and two smoking barrels'. Thomas Large Mental note - remember to add what sort of life style and hopes for the future. ...read more.

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