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A Day In The Life Of Wayne Brown.

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A Day In The Life Of Wayne Brown My average morning consists mainly of shouting, swearing and a whole lot of trying to get out of spending another day at school. Each day I use the same few words to start my day off...well, they're more grunts and gurgles than words but they make perfect sense to me. At Eight o'clock my radio alarm comes on and the breakfast news team rudely awakes me reading the morning news. I usually lie there for 10 minutes till the news has finished and I have adapted to the morning sunlight beaming through the windows burning my eyes as if they where marshmallows been toasted on an open fire. Once I have come round from my long night of rest and the rude awaking I roll out of bed and rush frantically to the toilet. When I've finished at the toilet I toddle back to my room in the freezing cold of the morning it's as if someone has turned the heating but turned it to -20 degrees its like being at the north pole, when I finally arrive at my room I open the wardrobe doors and get covered in junk which has just fallen on to me, I wonder to myself "who put that there" then I release it was me I usually just shove everything in there when my mum asks me to tidy my room but hey it's the easiest place, job done in five minutes, but anyway once I ...read more.


What has hunger got to do with finishing the first lesson? I hear you ask! Well, I never have breakfast and learning makes me very hungry. Probably because my brain works really hard and I use up a lot of excess energy and fat to learn so I need some food to top me back up! When lunchtime finally comes I can't be bothered to eat so I don't-unless I see something I really like-a pie; sweets; chips soaked in vinegar; even the odd packet of crisps or two-but usually, I eat nothing. Most lunchtimes are the same for me, all I do is go up town with friends, stay in school with friends or go onto the field and annoy smaller, less fortunate children than me, with friends! Tedious or what???? More schooling comes after that one hour of pure fun and then it's off home for an evening of less fun than I have had at school. Cycling home seems like an eternity; round and round my pedal goes, with every turn the struggling flows. Finally I arrive and my day has only just begun. I go into my kitchen to see if I have any letters...nope, I don't. I go upstairs to my pit and to check if my mum has left me a gift of some kind or even some money...nope. So I decide to sit down at my desk, turn my computer on and go on the Internet to spend all of my hard earned cash on DVD's. ...read more.


As each day is pretty similar to me, the hours I spend contemplating my existence seem to give off the same conclusion...(no, it's not "stuff that, let's go to sleep") work harder at school and then you'll achieve more. But after I say to myself each night that I am going to work harder the next day at school and do all of my work and not to mess around, I never actually stick to my guns. My morals state that I do things that I want to do and not what others say, which seems to be a good moral but it doesn't get me anywhere except for in a lot of trouble and often a detention. So when I say to myself that I have to do work, etc, my morals strictly prohibit me from working hard at school because it's what other people want and not what I want. All I want to do is have fun. Education...HA, what a joke. If I need educating I'll get it when I want it and not when "the government" wants me to!!!! As I drift off sleep I start thinking of all of the things I have done in my life that I could have done differently and which would have given me great personal gain, for example: when I went to America...I could have gone on a killing spree or chatted up some lovely women and had a wonderful time but instead I went on the 5 biggest roller coasters in America 15 times in a row and was sick. ...read more.

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