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A day in the life of ...

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Monday morning. Forth alarm. You usual expected feeling of reluctance to face anything except my pillow. I've never been one for getting up and feeling great about the next 6 hours of being hunched over a desk but that's just me I'm sure one day I'll jump out of bed and run to school in anticipation of writing essays. But that day wasn't today and I begin to feel it will not be anytime soon. I walk down the long and winding road to meet Claudia, listening as I go to 'Ultravox', not exactly 'in' music but at least I can understand the lyrics, something very rare in the charts nowadays. ...read more.


I haven't quite decided yet. She has those hands that do whatever you tell them to do, whereas mine ... well... they're either very deaf or very blind. As I watch my study of the sunflower before me silently go from bad to awful to worse to ... well you get the picture. I look across to discover that I am sat opposite neither Monet nor Picasso but The Van Gogh. I decide to admire the work of others for it seems neither myself nor my teacher can admire my own. I stare at the clock watching the minutes tick at half the speed. ...read more.


In my head I think about the effort put into many pieces of work in previous classes and then I think about the loss of it all due to the disapproval of the computer, it seems my work is never quite to the standards of the computer. As my friend laughs as I attempt to recover my work, I begin to loose focus at the usual time of 2pm and decide to experiment with the levers on my chair as this is far more entertaining than the performance of my computer, which may as well include curtain calls and popcorn as its becoming a regular show bringing in an audience every time. If only the audience were not quite so select and could perhaps target someone besides myself. ...read more.

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