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A day in the snow. The bell rang, and lesson was over. I struggled to join my friends so that I could walk with them.

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A day in the snow Snow was falling. Flakes settled in quick succession; covering the tarmac. It was as if clouds were intermingling with the inkiness of the skies. The colours smudged to darkness. Leaves dyed as they buried into the iced ditch. Wind battled against the bushes. Minutes after staring at the view outside; voices from the distant entered upon my hearing. I resisted turning in my chair. My eyes were focused on the screen, surfing pages, catching all the while glimpses of eyes watching me. The muttering from the distance set my heart racing. It made me anxious. The bell rang, and lesson was over. I struggled to join my friends so that I could walk with them. ...read more.


There was one particular boy named Jack who was trying to attack me. I was provoked by all this nonsense; and eventually joined the battle. This boy showed his two- faced nature: a person who I believed showed his true friendly inner character in lessons; but when with his friends was a different character. The situation became serious. He was pushing me towards a bush. I too pushed him, trying to get myself up out of the undergrowth. Jack's twin Simon helped in harming me. They were pushing me as if I was an object, throwing snowballs at me. Then there seemed loads of boys, shouting, swearing, and laughing. Then they all seemed to disappear. I was so angry, extremely angry. ...read more.


People were laughing at me. Boys were pushing me around. After pushing someone against the wall, I received a push back. I went into the lesson, trying to keep my emotions in, and sat in the corner with my friend Sabiya, but did not really concentrate due to my emotional breakdown. I began to cry. I began to say evil things. She tried to calm me, but I continued saying terrible things. I said I was going to kill him. She told me this sort of behaviour is not from Islam. Sabiya whispered wise words in my tears, soothing me, calming me, and helping me to blot out the voices and the faces of Jack and his friends. As she whispered, the snow began to melt; I began to feel warmer and safer. I felt strong again. ...read more.

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