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A Day To Remember...

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My day to remember My day to remember happed on October 19th 2007 and it was definitely was a day to remember for me. It was my friend Farhans birthday and we decided to go to Thorpe Park and celebrate with a couple of friends. He wanted to take a limousine and it was amazing! When we got into the limo, it was extraordinary. The journey was really fun since we were listening to music at full volume. When we got to Thorpe Park, the rides were gigantic. We decided to go on the ride colossus first since it was the best ride in the park. The cue was the longest part of the ride; it was 2 hours long! When the ride finally started, it was phenomenal. There were hair-raising twists and turns at a furious 45mph but it wasn't as fast as Stealth which was so fast, it went from 0 to 80mph under 2 seconds. ...read more.


The limo ride was amazing because of the amount of fun we had in it. We all danced and wore ourselves out mostly in there since we were all hyper because of how much fun we were having! The limo had great features in it like; stars on the ceiling that light up, a really loud stereo system, tinted windows and even a laser from the back for parties, etc. On our way back, we wanted to go on a long cruise around London so we told the driver and he took us there. When we got to London, we all got out and looked for a shop that sold disposable cameras since my friend, Samir forgot his at home. We finally found a shop near Piccadilly Circus so we started to take pictures near famous tourist attractions and we went on the London eye after. ...read more.


After we finished our meals, we all left to go to the cinemas but the limo had gone since the driver's job was done so we all went on the bus instead. When we got to slough, we went to the cinemas and saw Hancock since it had just come out and it looked like an extraordinary. The movie was extremely funny and action packed so we all enjoyed it. My friends and I had planned a surprise party for Farhan's birthday and the day out was just an excuse to get him away from slough so his parents could set everything up before he got! When we finally got to Baylis House, which was the venue for the party, everything looked colourful and amazing. We all enjoyed the party for hours and hours but we weren't tired because of the music that was keeping us awake. The DJ for the party was fantastic because he played really good songs. ...read more.

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