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A dayin the life of Kevin Blankson

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THE KOTOKA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana is the country's most important international air facility and has the capacity for large aircraft such as the Boeing 747-400. The airport is the main hub for Ghana International Airlines which replaced Ghana Airways in 2004. It also houses a sizeable facility for the Ghana Air Force. It is sometimes referred to as the gateway to Africa. It has undergone lots of expansion and renovations in recent times to bring it to international levels. When my cousin and I were traveling, my family came to bid us farewell at the airport and it looked like the whole of Ghana was there. The car parks were full with no where to park and the traffic there was very hectic. ...read more.


We left the arrival hall to talk to our family. The security personnel in front of the gate were heavily loaded with guns and wearing a black overall. They were not allowing those who were not travelling to enter and some of them were driving away people near to the entrance so that the passengers were protected against theft and robbery. Down at the arrival hall, there were many excited people there who had come to meet their loved ones. There was no breathing space for anyone as if it was a market. The whole place was parked with people. Some of the people were stepping on each other's toes for some reason. Even the Chinese restaurant there was very busy with loads of the people purchasing some of their drinks and food. ...read more.


The next place we stopped was the duty free shop to buy pebbles which had its prices in dollars. We walked through a passageway to the gate and saw snack bars, a restaurant and bar, post office and information desk which were filled with loads of people as if they were sardines in a can and a lot of noise. We dashed and went to find a seat at the place we were waiting. When we got there, the whole place was parked with us left with no choice to stand. Women and children were called first during which we joined and sat in a shuttle bus to convey us to the plane. Whiles in the plane, we had to wait for two hours so the rest of the passengers joined the flight since there were a lot of people going to London with British Airways that day. ...read more.

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