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A desciptice holiday

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An Australian Adventure It all started one day when Mum said that she had been invited to speak at a conference in AUSTRALIA, and since both our parents had been there previously and told us what an amazing place it is we were ecstatic about going. We don't usually get to go to other places with Mum while she's away at a conference. We were determined to make this the biggest trip ever so we decided on a good long three weeks so we could see lots of the east coast. We luckily flew before the 28th June, so that Jonny would still be under twelve and his ticket would not be full price. The flight was awesome, the movies, the food, the personal screens. There was so much to watch, from 'Little Britain' to 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'. It being a twenty-four hour flight Mum insisted that we tried to get some sleep, but I didn't. I was too excited. In the time everyone else slept I watched 'I Robot' and 'Robots'. I was still wide-awake, as wide-awake as a meercat on guard duty. During the flight we had a five-hour stop-off in Singapore. It was hot, and humid. Just going outside it was like being hit in the face, but inside it was cool and comfortable. ...read more.


Crazy, but brilliant. When the bus crashed into the water down the slipway it was like running as far as you can into the sea before falling over. The evenings were filled with fantastic food, spectacular surfing on the beach and the occasional round of crazy golf. At the end of the first week we were met by one of Mum's colleague's to take us to our next location, which was in fact his own house at the beach, which was vacant while he was working in the city. The house was brilliant with a pool table and a TV in our bedroom. This is unusual for us since we aren't allowed TVs in our rooms at home. The house was right on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. We had a choice of everything, shops and beaches alike. We were literally five minutes from the beach so we ended up down there for at least a couple of amazing hours everyday body-boarding. A couple of days into this week we booked and went on a whale-watching trip where we followed a serene pod of grey whales and a humpback whale up the coastline. When we were at the beach one day we saw and played with a jumpy joyous jamboree of dolphins playing in the waves. Later that night while watching the news it was reported that a new species of dolphin had been registered on this coastline and were first spotted at the beach where we had been. ...read more.


Cairns is very close to the Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef, so we went scuba diving, in the end we had to go out twice because the first time we went we discovered that they would not let Jonny dive because of his asthma without a doctors note saying he could. So Mum and I dived the first day and saw the amazing colours and shapes of fish, sharks, turtles and many other amazing sea animals from up close, whilst Jonny went off and did some snorkelling. The next day when we went back Mum and I snorkelled while Jonny dived with the sea life of the Great Barrier Reef. That took up two days of our stay in Cairns. Another day we joined a tour company on a trip to the oldest rainforest on Earth, the Daintree rainforest and saw some incredible crocodiles, wet waterfalls and amazing animals. We flew back to Brisbane, for the flight back to the UK, and stayed in a fabulous French five-star hotel so we could get a good amount of sleep for the twenty-four hour flight back. Mum, wanted to go out to see the sights of Brisbane but we just stayed in our room watching the superb array of TV channels. The date of our flight back coincided with the date of the release of the new Harry Potter book so at Brisbane we bought the shop's last copy. By the time we were back in England Harry Potter had saved the world again. Philip Littlewood Page 1 ...read more.

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