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A description of my trip to Europe - Trip to "Alemania".

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A description of my trip to Europe Trip to "Alemania" Over my many years, I have traveled many miles in search of new and exiting experiences. Even as a young lad I would always find my self in the strangest places. My parents are both from different countries. My mom is from Mexico, and my dad's from Spain and in their youth were very fond of traveling. I was even traveling while still in the womb. I have many tales I could tell over my many years of traveling, but for this paper I will tell you about my most resent trip to Europe. "Hey man, what you planning on doing after school". "Not sure man, but I wanted to try and check out that party that's going on tonight over at that empty field by what's his names house. You know that junior with the buzz cut". "No". "The one that used to go out with Lailanie". "Oh ya that faggot, I hate that guy". "Ya me two, but I heard that a lot of people are going to go." "All right man I'll give you a call latter to let you know what my plans are." "Alright, see ya". "Buy". As my senior year was all raped up, I couldn't help but start feeling more anxious. ...read more.


Before I left to Spain I had planned a trip to visit my best friend Carlos he had spent his senior year in Hamburg in Germany as a foreign exchange student. We have known each other ever since elementary school, and had gone through middle school and most of high school together. I really wanted to hang out with him again, in high school we'd always find the weirdest things to do, I don't know how but we'd always find some thing cool to do. And this time I had a feeling we were going to go a little crazy. After spending a few days with my dad and grand parents, I found a train schedule and took off for Germany, I didn't feel bad for leaving my dad because I know that I would only be gone for a few weeks and that I was spending almost my whole entire summer in Spain, I would have plenty of time to do things with him when I got back. One of the first trains I took was called el Talgo one of the older bullet trains, but still it went pretty damn fast, the ride did seem to take for ever though. It toke about 13 hours in total to get all the way to Hamburg. ...read more.


Well that was easier said than done; on the way there one of my trains was late to one of its stops, so of course I missed my connecting train. And I had to find another way back to Paris. After talking to a few people and getting on certain trains that I had no idea were the hell were headed. I think that at one point I ended up in the Netherlands for a short while. I ended up finding a train that was going to Paris. I hopped on that one and tried to get some sleep. I had already been traveling for 5 hours and was tired as hell. I got what sleep I could and gave my dad a call I explained my situation and he said he would figure some thing out. An hour or so latter he called me back and told me he had found me a flight from Paris to Madrid for a good price. So when I finally got getting to Paris I had to make my way to the airport and check in. I found the subway train to the airport and waited around for my flight. As I got back I realized that my vacation had barely even started, and that I still had another month and a half of traveling with my dad. But that's another story all together. ...read more.

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