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"A distant howl broke the silence".

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Lauren Caswell Mr Hope 10xPortia "A distant howl broke the silence" "Come on, time to go!" I heard Mum shouting. I quickly jumped off my bed and grabbed my green rucksack. On the way out of the bedroom I whipped my baseball off the peg and sat it on my head. Down the stairs I ran and stroked the cat on my way out. It was time to go. I spent the last week packing and unpacking my bag. I was so excited that I couldn't think about anything else. This was finally the day I had been looking forward to for the last two months. The calendar in my bedroom had a countdown on it, and I crossed off each day as it passed. Today was the day of our camping trip. I rushed out of the house eager to get into the car and Mum shut the house door behind me. It looked as though we were going to hold a car boot sale. There were bikes fixed carefully to the boot, fishing rods strapped on top of the car and sleeping bags, pillows and suitcases piled into the boot. ...read more.


My brother starts to sing. Dad turns up the volume button. All you can hear are the words "We're all going on a summer holiday, no more working for a week or two...." Yep, it's definitely that time of year again when we all look forward to a well-earned break. One hour had passed and the same old song is still playing. I can hear my brother and sister arguing for some unknown reason. I can hear my Mum and Dad arguing over the song that's playing, I can hear the birds chirping as I wind down my window. I gaze out into the countryside surrounding me. The grass stands tall as if it were fingers pointing towards the sky. The gold sun reflects its rays onto the cotton-wool clouds. The sweet smell of pine trees floats in the breeze. Soon, we pass a sign 'Welcome to Scotland'. We are finally here; the camping holiday is just beginning. We all step out of the car and look around us. A small river is flowing just to the left of me. On it, swims a Mallard duck. Its feathers are a mottled brown with specks of deep green. ...read more.


I got in and tried to get comfortable. 'What a great holiday, you have to spend the first night in your car because your Dad loses the instructions. ' It was half past three and I was still awake. Everybody is asleep, how on earth they all got to sleep with my Dad's snoring is a question without an answer. It was pitch black. I tried to adjust my eyes to the very dim light and glared out the window trying to see what was outside. Stars. Lots of stars. Stars so bright they were tiny torches shining from the night sky. It was silent. No noises could be heard. My Dad had finally stopped snoring and I felt tired. I was just about to drift off when I awoke. What was that? I felt the hairs on my neck stand upon end. A distant howl broke the silence. What on earth could the noise be? Was it simply the howl of a nearby dog or did some sort of bear make it? My eyes opened wide. I wanted to wake everyone up but couldn't speak. The pure shock of what I just heard had stunned my body. My tongue had frozen inside me and I was lost for words. ...read more.

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