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A Doll's House - character, plot and symbols analysis

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A Doll?s House Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) Main Characters Torvald Helmer - He is a lawyer who has been promoted to manager in the bank. Nora - She is Torvald?s wife who is treated like a child by Torvald?s but leaves in the end because of it. Krogstad - He is the man Nora borrowed money from to pay for the trip to Italy. Dr. Rank - He is an admirer of Nora who has spinal TB and announces his death at the end of the play. Minor Characters Christine Linde - She is an old friend of Nora who comes to Nora and asks her to ask her husband for a job. The children - Nora plays with her children and treats them like dolls. Setting Helmer?s Apartment - The entire play takes place at the apartment Torvald?s study - a door leads from the stage into an imaginary room which is Torvald?s study where some off-stage action takes place. Ballroom - This is where Nora danced the Tarantella. Plot The story starts on Christmas eve. Nora makes preparation for Christmas. While she eats macaroons, Dr. Rank and Mrs. Linde enters. Rank goes to speak with Torvald while Linde speaks with Nora. ...read more.


Nora tells Linde about the matter and Linde assures her that she will talk to Krogstad and set things straight. Linde leaves after Krogstad and Rank and Torvald enter from the study. They help Nora practice the tarantella. After practice, Rank and Torvald exists. Linde enters and tells Nora that Krogstad left town, but she left a note for him. Nora tells her that she?s waiting for a miracle to happen. That night, during the dance, Linde talks to Krogstad in Helmer?s apartment. She explains to him that she left him for money, but that she still loves him. They get back together and Krogstad decides to forget about the whole matter of Nora?s borrowing money. However, Linde asks Krogstad not to ask for his letter back since she thinks Torvald needs to know of it. Both leave and Torvald and Nora enter from the dance. Torvald checks his letter box and finds some letters and two Business cards from Dr. Rank with black crosses on them. Nora explains that they mean that Rank is announcing his death. After the bad news, Torvald enters his study and Nora prepares to leave. However, before she can get out the door, she is stopped by Torvald who read Krogstad?s letter. ...read more.


To be happy, one must be oneself and know oneself. Since all of Nora?s life, she followed right behind her father and her husband, she did not know herself and had to leave to learn. Quotes ?HELMER: My little songbird mustn?t droop her wings. What?s this? Is little squirrel sulking?? Torvald asks this to Nora after she returned from shopping at the start of the play. ?NORA: I?ve the most extraordinary longing to say: ?Bloody hell!?? Nora says this to Rank and Linde expressing her desire to rebel against her husband. ?RANK: Oh, a lawyer fellow called Krogstad - you wouldn?t know him. He?s crippled all right; morally twisted. But even he started of by announcing, as thought it were a matter of enormous importance, that he had to live.? Rank tells this to Nora and Linde expressing his philosophy about morally corrupt people corrupting society using Krogstad as an example. ?NORA: Never see him again. Never. Never. Never. Never see the children again. Them too. Never. never. Oh - the icy black water! Oh - that bottomless - that -! Oh, if only it were all over! Now he?s got it - he?s reading it. Oh, no, no! Not yet! Goodbye, Torvald! Goodbye, my darlings.? Nora says this to herself when Torvald had left to his study to read the mail. She prepares to leave and possibly commit suicide. Jeremy Wu ...read more.

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