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A Doll's House : Torvald's Use of Language

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  • Submitted: 15/03/2005
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GCSE Henrik Ibsen

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Torvald's Use of Language

Torvald uses his language to show the audience that he treats Nora as a doll and to explain that he is in control. His thoughts and movements are her thoughts and movements, as she is purely a puppet who is dependant upon her puppet-master, Torvald. Torvald's language also shows his physical attraction over Nora, when he is teaching her the tarantella. After he teaches her the dance, he proclaims, "when you were dancing the tarantella, chasing, inviting, my blood was on fire; I couldn't stand it any longer, that's why I brought you down so early". Nora then says, "Leave me now, Torvald. Please! I don't want all this". Torvald then continues to way, "What do you mean? You're only playing your little teasing bird game with me; aren't you Nora? Don't want to? I'm your husband, aren't I?"

The conversation between Torvald and Nora shows how there relationship is built on lust and physical attraction rather than love. Furthermore, the formality in which he speaks and his use of language all contributes to his character. His formality of speech when talking to Nora helps to show his feelings of a higher

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