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A Doll 's House Vs. Three Sisters

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Katie Moran Miss Mandeville College Composition 1st hr 23 November 2004 A Doll 's House Vs. Three Sisters When reading A Doll's House and Three Sisters there was a lot of comparisons that I noticed. The comparisons were not just between characters, but also the setting and the everyday life situation. Three Sisters was a very good book, and very interesting. When comparing A Doll's House and Three Sisters these are the major comparisons that I found, both Nora and the sisters want to go back to their home town, Irena lives to get up early and work while Nora had no choice, Nora learned everything from her father, and the sisters did not learn hardly anything fro their fathers. In the play A Doll's House it takes place where the husbands are basically in charge of the women. They make all the decisions for them, the way they want it to be done. If women were to speak up to her husband she would be looked down upon. ...read more.


When A Doll's House was written it was taken place, when women did not have a choice to work. During the time period of 1879, the husbands went out all day everyday to work and make all the money, when the women stayed home with the children. Also, being raised by her father her whole life was not much of a big help. Nora's father always told her what to do and made decisions for her. So all of Nora's life, it seems that it has been made up for her. Through out the play you never could notice if Nora was unhappy staying home all the time, but in the end when she ends up leaving her husband because of, not being able to do want she wants for her self is a major part of that. In the Three Sisters Irena says that if she does not get up and work then, her friends can refuse to be her friends. Irena wakes up at seven in the morning everyday. ...read more.


There were slight differences and similarities in both A Doll's House and Three Sister. The major ones consist of, Nora and the three sisters all want to go back to their hometowns, how Nora is not given a choice to work and the sisters are, and how Nora and the sisters learned from their fathers. Both Nora and the sister want to go back to their hometown. Nora wants to go back to start over her life and the sisters want to go back to visit. Nora is not given a choice if she can work or not, her husband makes all her decisions for her, while the sisters have a choice if they want to work or not. The father of Nora raised her as he wanted her to be, he gave her no choices to make, when the sisters had many options, they made their own decisions. In both these plays, it shows how strong these women can be. At points they can be very different or similar to each other but it just shows how to different people can show the same meaning. ...read more.

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