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A Dream of Life

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A Dream of Life Try to picture this: A big white house with light blue shutters and a big porch. Two young children are playing with their dog without arguing or fighting. The mom is preparing dinner ready at 6 o'clock in the big kitchen. Meanwhile, the dad is just arriving from work in his BMW and stops to play a little with his kids. The mom comes out the porch, tells them "dinner is ready, go wash your hands" and gives the husband a big hug and a welcome kiss. They are the perfect American dream family. This perfect life is what most Americans dream of when they work an eight-hour day in exchange for a two-week vacation and a one-week sick leave. Americans work all this time because they think that the democratic government in the US is working hard to provide them the right of equality, prosperity, and adventure. The people of this nation become slaves of themselves and their dream of life by working too much for something only few get. ...read more.


As the outcome, this society will expect the government to take care of the nation so that they will be free to peruse their own opportunities (566). This freedom of democracy might consequently produce governors whose power will be concentrated in a way that the people will exercise this freedom unwisely. The conditions that produce equality on the citizens might as well produce a despot. If a ruler with absolute power if produced from equality then equality stops being equality for everybody, because this ruler will divide the power among the people according to what might be better for him. Furthermore, Alex De Tocqueville explains that "the principle of quality, which makes men independent of each other, gives them a habit and a taste for following in their private actions no other guide than their own will" (569). This independence tends to make them live with a natural favoritism towards free institutions. For example, the killings of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Shah of Iran, Pol Pot, Pinochet and others could have been prevented by a free institutionalized government. ...read more.


The American dream is not for everybody as the society seems to believe. Americans are willing to enslave themselves in order to attain their big white houses with light blue shutters. Different myths stop them in the middle of slavery where they stay for the rest of their lives, still trying to reach that dream. While all this is happening, centralization is occurring in the country, and the society is too busy with their own activities and lives making their own fortune, expecting the government to take care of the nation so that they can be free to peruse their own opportunities. This leaves a huge unsecured gap in the government for rulers to have absolute power over the nation. Citizens then become slaves of the country, working endless hours that never seam to end until they die, and their sons and daughters do the same thing, and it becomes a vice circle. At the end, only a few citizens attain their big houses with enough financial security to adventure the world. Those few live the American dream. ...read more.

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