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A Dream Story by Philip Jacobs.

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A Dream Story by Philip Jacobs Around me is long tall grass swaying slowly in the gentle breeze. Ahead of me is a thin path which meanders into the valley below me. Above me the clouds do not appear to be moving and each cloud seems to be looking at me expecting me to move. I tell myself I should, but the question is where? I want to move but my heart is telling me, change is ahead. I take a large deep breath of the clean, odourless country air. My legs begin to move. I have decided to follow the path which seems to have an abnormal atmosphere about it. As I begin to stroll forward I see naked trees with no leaves. The trees sway in the cold wind which makes them look as though they are shivering. The clouds above me are getting darker and darker; eventually they get as black as soot. All of a sudden creature like sky above me lets out a roar and its white deposits drift down onto me. It is snowing. As I continue to walk down the path questions begin to fly around me. How did I get here? ...read more.


Of course! I suddenly realised that it was a level crossing. On the floor in front of me were two iron parallel lines which were the train track. As it had just shut before my eyes a locomotive must be approaching. I looked left. Nothing. I looked right. Nothing. Again I looked left. Again nothing. Then I looked right and there it was chugging towards me. An ancient steam locomotive was coming towards me and out of the top of the engine steam billowed as if there were a hundred chimneys. The engine became louder and louder as it approached. Slowly it passed me. Gold letters shone out at me which read "Paul Sturrock". Who was Paul Sturrock? All I could think of was that he must have been a great man to have had a fine locomotive named after him. Whilst I was daydreaming the train had almost passed by me. Should I get on the train? If I did where would I end up? The train might just go to some city I have never nor have any desire to go to. If I didn't get on the train I would just carry on the path to where ever I got to, but I would probably be safe. ...read more.


The train stopped. I looked left and right down the carriages to see if anyone was getting out. As I expected, nobody was. As I was leaning out, the door suddenly opened and I fell out crashing to the floor. I sat down where I had fallen waiting for the train to move on. Five minutes later it still hadn't moved. I presumed that I had reached "The Wall". I looked around me. Where was this wall? I walked round the other side of the train. There it was. A glass wall stretching as far as the eye could see. On the other side of the glass wall was a black void with absolutely nothing in it. I knocked on the glass. It seemed very strong. I wanted to get through it. There was nothing round me to help me break through, just the same grass. Of course the table I had just eaten off on the train! I picked it up and carried it off the train. I pulled one of the legs off it and threw it at the glass wall with all my strength. It just rebounded off. I quickly pulled off the other three legs and hurled them at the wall but they just bounced off. I knew in my mind I had reached the end of the world. The End ...read more.

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