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An inspector Calls essay final draft

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'An inspector Calls' essay final draft In Act One of 'An inspector Calls', how does J. B. Priestley use dramatic devices to convey his concerns and ideas to members of the audience, as well as interest and involve them in the play? J. B. Priestley uses dramatic devices to attract an audience but at the same time is able to portray his views through the characters. Priestley uses a diversity of dramatic devices, such as cliff-hanger endings and dramatic irony. However, the characters are of equal importance. Priestley uses the characters to embody different parts of 1912 society, allowing him to state his point of view above all the other opinions. 'An Inspector Calls' could fit into many different genres, such as a mystery or a family drama. However, the play is ultimately didactic. This is because the play contains a political and moral message. Priestley was determined to convey his moral message of responsibility in this play. He believed that people all have responsibility for each other and that power comes with responsibility and should not be abused. In order to portray his views, Priestley uses the character of the Inspector. ...read more.


The first person that she is introduced to is Birling. The Inspector shows him a photograph of her where the stage direction reads, "BIRLING stares hard, and with recognition, at the photograph, which the INSPECTOR then replaces in his pocket." Birling reacts in a suspicious way, as he stares at the picture for a long time but then becomes very cool and relaxed in his tone. This suggests that he may have a guilty conscience and that he may be hiding something. However, Sheila immediately gives herself away. When she sees the picture of Eva, she is very sympathetic and horrified. Moreover, Eva's presence on stage is very strong, even though the audience never actually sees her. Priestley does this through the reactions of the characters towards her and also due to the fact that the whole family is interlinked by one person. Furthermore, Eva has a strong presence on stage as she is a symbol for all of women kind. She was severely mistreated by the Birling family but many women in 1912 were also treated like this. Also, her name could be linked to the Bible story of Genesis, in which Eve is depicted as weaker than Adam. ...read more.


The characters' actions and the consequences that came from them were used by Priestley to convey his message subliminally. Moreover, the dramatic devices also help to interest and involve the audience as well as conveying Priestley's ideas. The dramatic irony used may help to engage the audience as it may humour some to see the contrasting opinions in 1912 from 1945. Also, the use of a cliff-hanger ending makes the audience curious and causes them to want to know more of the events to come. Lastly, Priestley's message could be interpreted in many ways such as not to lie and be honest and that power should be used with care and not abused. However, his key message is that we all are part of one community and that we all have a responsibility towards each other. The message can still be understood by a modern day audience, due to its relevance throughout society even today. The reason that it is still relevant is that everyone has roles in society, for example, the police help to protect and serve our community, doctors help to cure and heal us and teachers are there to help students learn and perform well in life. As a result, we are all dependent on one another. ?? ?? ?? ?? Karandeep Hunjan 10G1 English Coursework essay ...read more.

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