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A fallen angel. The ambulance arrived in a blur of light; sirens could be heard from miles away.

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The ambulance arrived in a blur of light; sirens could be heard from miles away. Dr Kilos the paramedic, dashed out of his car and through the crowd to the theatre entrance. Inside the theatre stand a man named Ellio, he was tall and had hair like a chocolate bar, slicked back and smothered in gel. The light in the theatre was dim, people looked like silhouettes. Ellio directed Dr Kilos down the hallway and onto the stage where two dead bodies lay there as still as statues. More sirens could be heard now; Ellio could see police men gathering people up for questioning "Sir, sir can you tell me what happened hear?" 8:40am Ellio woke that morning to see his girlfriend lay beside him smiling. "Morning babe!" whispered July "What time is it?" replied Ellio July looked at her watch and said "Its 8:40am!" Ellio leapt out of his bed and dashed out of the room. July had no idea what was happening, until Ellio re-entered the room in his pants with a plastic bag in his hand. ...read more.


3:21pm The sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud In the sky, ellio was driving July to the theatre where she would be performing in the evening, on the way as they were driving their, favourite song came on the radio and they began to sing together when the song finished they looked at each other and at that moment they knew they were meant for each other as they glared at each other Julys eyes glistened whilst the sun shined through the window and reflected of of her. In Ellio's mind he thought to himself how the hell he landed a girl like this, he was the luckiest guy alive he had landed a fallen angel and she was perfect. 6:07pm The big moment had arrived over 120 people had gathered in the theatre and they took their places. This was the biggest audience July had ever performed to. The light dimmed and the curtains swayed to one side. ...read more.


She paid no attention to this and maintained her performance. Suddenly the rear doors opened And I entered a figure that slowly travelled to the front. From the man's left pocket he revealed a shiny object. He strolled onto the stage. The music and dancing stopped. Everyone and everything stopped. The mysterious man dropped his cloak to reveal it was Jason. In Jason's left hand he held a semi-automatic desert eagle. He gripped the gun tight an aimed at July his hands shook terribly. Within a second it was over. July dropped to the floor in dispare, she had taken two shoots to the arm and one to the face. There she lay on the floor with only her left hand the other was half way across the stage. People screamed as Jason pulled the gun on himself "BANG!!" blood splattered on the wall like water does when you jump in a pool. July lay there like a motionless dove. 6:00pm People cried and sobbed as Dr kilos arrived at the scene and within a few minutes pronounced both dead. THE END Written by Ryan Harris!!!!! ...read more.

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