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A few days of winter sunshine, thats all I was looking for. I left Britain on a freezing, sleety day and three and a half hours later the plane set us down in a place Id seen only in my dreams.

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Travelogue A few days of winter sunshine, that's all I was looking for. I left Britain on a freezing, sleety day and three and a half hours later the plane set us down in a place I'd seen only in my dreams. Warm air, fragrant with the scent from the wild flowers that were spilling over every hillside and valley. A warm sea like deep blue silk. I was in Madeira. I marvelled at the wondrous surroundings while I took a cab to the hotel. ...read more.


The next December day, I wandered along the promenade towards the stone bridge at the far edge of town, from there, I could see how the surf dashed against the towering cliffs sending spray in all directions. When Madeira was discovered, it was regarded as a place of ill omen. Presenting a jagged cliff face which crumples into deep crevices. Now, centuries later, Madeira is a hot holiday resort but one glance at the cliffs shows you how the discoverers felt all those years ago. ...read more.


I enjoyed the towns local life of small caf´┐Ż's, and only slightly larger restaurants all serving locally caught food. The islands beaches are miles of golden sands which the sea laps against creating a soothing sound which sent me to sleep while relaxing on the beach. When the heat got too much for me, I just laid in the shade of the exotic trees that fringed the beach. When it came time to leave this beautiful island, I almost couldn't board the plane. I just couldn't bear to leave the island that had taken me in from the cold and shown me its beauty. Matthew Crites 10F ...read more.

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