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A Fragment of Autobiography

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A Fragment of Autobiography It had been a normal day for me. It was a holiday and I had just been for a bike ride with my dad and my sister. We decided to stop at the park. It was a hot day with not a cloud in site, the air was humid and I was squinting in the sun. My first stop at the play park was the swing and as I was still quite small I could not reach the floor to give my self instant motion; I asked my dad if he would push me. He did and I was soon sawing through he sky, finally I got bored and my head was hurting and so I asked my dad to stop. I was pushed once more and I tired to slow my self down but could not, instead I caught my foot and went flying onto the fake grass and then onto the hard concrete. I had landed on my right wrist and then skidded along the ground grazing my leg before finally hitting my head. ...read more.


Not knowing what to say I just nodded while the paramedic assured me he was going to try not to hurt me but he was going to need to check my reactions and heartbeat. A small clip was connected to my index finger and it started to glow red when the machine was turned on. "All seems normal" the paramedic said to me after all was complete. During the journey it was made sure that I did not fall a sleep, as this could be dangerous. After about 30 minutes we arrived at Weston Super Mare General Hospital and I was taken to the A&E department and put in a cubical. About an hour later my mum had returned from her shopping trip and read the note my dad left and came to the hospital. She walked in and looked at my dad and sister and then me and said "What have you done now?" assuming I had only sprained my wrist. ...read more.


Finally I was given a milky injection and as the surgeon was talking to me I suddenly felt sleepy, I was just nodding. The next thing I knew I had blinked and was sat in recovery and my wrist had a white cast on it. I walked back to the ward feeling much better. I was finally allowed to get a drink and some food and I spent the night in the hospital ward full of younger children until I was finally released. Well I started back at school and I was told how good my writing was considering I had an inch thick cast on my wrist but after 6 weeks it was removed by a big scary electric saw and I regained the strength in my right wrist. I didn't like swings for a little while for fear that my just repaired arm would get broken again and the doctors would tell me off. That was soon phased out and I went back to playing on swings but I can never relax and let down my guard on a swing for a long time. English Course Work, A fragment of a Autobiography, 24/09/01, Aaron Horn Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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