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A frightful walk home from work.

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A FRIGHTFUL WALK HOME FROM WORK I was surrounded by total silence, walking down the stairs after finishing early from work. I speedily ran so that I could be the first one out the doors as there was ten more minutes till other employers were going to race down those stairs. I came out onto the street car park. As I crossed the road, I noticed the pavements lined by hazy streetlamps and as I felt the icy, frost, air as it slowly transformed my hand into a cold blue. I could feel the coldness already running through my body on the frosty winter's night. I could hear as I turned the corner, the different types of cars which revved and purred smoking petrol fumes which were coming from the exhaust behind one, I didn't enjoy the sounds I heard and I covered my ears and wished I didn't hear them. I remained standing there waiting for the bus to arrive, for hours it seemed, I stood there frozen in the blistery cold. I silently observed the traffic wardens, as let everyone leave the car park at 10pm. ...read more.


What seemed like hours was in fact a few seconds and luckily they finally decided I wasn't worth it. As the car went raced past, a small puddle of water splashed over me. I was feeling humiliated and angry as my jeans were all soaked. I looked around me, to see if there were any shops open, but most shops were now shut and shuttered down. I noticed a grocery store which was open 'twenty four - seven'; I treated myself to an apple taking pleasure in swallowing the juicy flesh and taste. It left a delicious refreshing taste in the back of my throat. As I carried on running down an alley way on that shadowy, dark, still night, unexpectedly the wind started to brush against my hair; it sent shivers down my spine. The rain trickled on to my coat as I could see the dark clouds visible above me. As I was strolling further down heading towards an alley way, I felt rain drops beginning to drip on my bare hands, I could smell and taste the droplets as they came running down my cheek, like a baby crying. ...read more.


My heart was now beating faster than ever. I kept thinking of all the horror stories I read and how I would laugh and say that how pathetic the people were in them and that they should get a grip of themselves. Today I was the person. The night was silence, yet I could still hear the some of the neighbour's dog barking as the dog must have sensed me walking along side the footpath. It barked again louder. I ran like I had never run before, as the dog was anxious to hunt me down. I asked myself, why was this happening to me today? Houses blurred past me as I sprinted on into the night. Only two more roads and I would be home. On and on I ran, my legs feeling like jelly. My feet stinging from soreness as my shoes were very tight. As I approached the house, I remembered the keys, they were in the back pocket of my jeans I pulled them out and put the key in the lock. Turned it and shut the door behind me. I collapsed with exhaustion on the coach. Waiting for my dinner to be served. GCSE ENGLISH 1 Author: Samir Bandali Date: 07/05/07 WORD COUNT - 1,191 ...read more.

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