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A Gentleman or Lady - In The Victorian Era and in Oscar Wilde's, Importance of Being Earnest.

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A Gentleman or Lady In The Victorian Era and in Oscar Wilde's, Importance of Being Earnest, it was stressed to be a gentleman and a lady. Everything you said, did, or wore was part as you defining yourself as a lady or gentleman. These standards also set guidelines on how you approached love. The connection between being a gentleman or lady and love were very strong during this era. In the Importance of Being Earnest, the main characters are good examples of ladies, gentlemen, and love. In some cases the characters defy the definition of a true lady or gentleman, but exemplify the world with all its faults and cares. A gentleman had many definitions or requirements. "He is one who never inflicts pain. He is mainly occupied in merely removing obstacles which hinder the free and unembarrassed action of those about him: and he concourse wit their movements rather that make them himself. ...read more.


This is so vital because Jack realizes how wrong he was in deceiving Gwendolen. Not only that, Lady Cracknel realizes that he too has grown into a true definition. This made Jack more of a gentleman to me. Yes, Algernon had a little money and education, but I did not get the feel he really learned about himself. The definition for a lady is one who gives clarity to thoughts. She teaches man moral generosity. She values inner virtues. Her best job is a nurse. Her forte is morality. She is an abject not an agent and she helps man (Ellis, 1894 , p1892-1895). Sarah Ellis advised women to accept their inferiority to men and devote themselves to the happiness and moral elevation of their brothers, husbands and sons. (Ellis, 1894). The women in the play seem to defy these standards with the exception of Gwendolen. ...read more.


One of the main qualities to being a lady is loving. Gwendolen seemed to display this important trait more that any character in the play. All of the characters in the Importance of Being Earnest had a lot of soul searching to do. Some got to the searching quicker than others. These characters exemplify the world. They all have major flaws, but still seem to want the some of the same things like love and the right thing for them. No one person is perfect in the world. Wilde did a good job at forming his characters. Anyone who reads or watches the play can identify with at least one character in one form or another. The play shows how we as everyday seem to look over the important things sometimes and do not see what is really important. Unfortunately, sometimes by the time we figure it out it is too late ...read more.

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