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A germ's life

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Imaginative Coursework - A Germ's Life It's not easy being a germ. When you're just a tiny bacteria, the only thing you will try to do is to get attention. That's what I do, apart from trying to survive (obviously). Which is an extremely tough job by itself when you measure only a few microns in length. Humans should at least try to come to know us before constantly trying to exterminate us. Not all of us are as evil as some of my brothers and other counterparts. I am a completely harmless creature just trying to live! It all started on that fateful day. I was hanging around a human settlement in the air, waiting for someone to inhale the air around me and taking me into their not-so-pleasant depths. Within a few seconds, I was caught in the stream of breath of a young man. Perfect. Just what I was looking for: a young man who has the resources to harbour me for many months to come. ...read more.


I caught glimpses of the various capillaries branching off from this main artery, leading to the seemingly endless depths of the human body as I moved on. The moment I passed the liver, I noticed my brother feeding on all the glycogen, which the liver had worked so hard to process. He was constantly looking behind his back and using his straw like mouth to work the glycogen out of the organ, as the liver looked helplessly on. Now my brother, HE was a nasty little specimen. The only thing he was hell-bent on doing was causing pain and destruction, even though I had tried to dissuade him from doing so. He was quite the sadist. I was sure the man had already begun to sense that something was wrong, since I had begun to notice that an already increasing number of white blood cells had started patrolling the human highways (the largest of the blood vessels) for any sign of an infestation. ...read more.


He was in the shadow of the pancreas, but he was also surrounded by 3 sides of cells. If he was spotted he would be caught like a rat in a trap. Before I could even utter a work of warning, a patrolman spotted me. His whistle attracted 2 more patrols like honey attracts bears. I ran. I was sure my brother deserved the fate he had chosen for himself. A quick glance behind when I was sure I was not being chased told me that my brother was being captured the same way a pack of wolves surround their prey to trap it and eradicate it soon after. I had had enough. I went as close to the lungs as possible, jostling my way through all the carbon dioxide cells present. I hopped in a red blood cell, which took me to my destination. Moments later, I was free. Looking behind, I noticed the human looking as peaceful as ever. Since then I have known that humans always jump to conclusions. I will try to stick to animals from now on. Done By: Tanay Sood Word Count: 1073 words ...read more.

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